The Consultative Council of the Population

In all the parish of Rezekne municipality, a population advisory council has been established, the purpose of which is to promote the connection of the local society to the local government.

President of the Council: Nikolai Chernobrov, Līpuri, 26464293
Vice-President: Aldis Turumnieki, toad, 28218671
Council Secretary: Natalia Bibičev, Audrits, 26165746,
Members of the Council:
Yuri Astratov, Audrijs, 26514653,
Alexander Ivanov, Līpuri, 29465381
Yuri Vasilyev, Audrits, 26422576,
Nikolai Korolimkov, Jegorovka, 26569346
Jekaterina Chaksha, Audreys 22033671
Antoņina Naumkova, Audreys 29813838

The main task of the Council is the examination and submission of proposals to the Audrinu parish administration and the municipality of Rezekne for the parish and significant issues of the municipality, in accordance with the Council Regulation. We call on the Advisory Council, as appropriate, to be interested in the progress of the parish, as well as to express its proposals addressed to the parish administration.

President-in-Office of the Council: Sarma Donna
Vice-President: Dainis candle
Members of the Council:
Daila Ekimane (secretary)
Sylvia Barkane
Olga Jurchenko
Anton Tripan
Skaidrite Apeinane

Contacts: e-mail:

Head of the Council Andrejs Kukuļs
Members of the Council:
Edwin Muska
Andrejs Kukuļs
Arthur Kukuļs
Lubova Kotova
Janis Kuchers
Elina Kvitova
Lauris Abajevs
Oļegs Poskrjobishevs

Vice-President “Wia Pizich's tent.” 29104242 e-mail:
Vice-President - Juris Tuch tel. 29422155
Secretary - Irina Klimanov tel. 28346927
Lāsma Malta
Ksenia Jakusoka
Sylvia Kozlovska
Indra Charkowska
Ligita Saprovska


Vice-President – Jolanta Smane, 26176725, e-mail:
Vice-President - Vineta Knipa
Secretary - Klinta Stafecka
Lauris Ikaunieks
Sandis Mesters
Gatis urka
Eddie Strushel

President of the Council - Dairy Decails, e-mail:

Vice-President of the Council:  Arthur Erins

Council Secretary – Evita Igaune 
Members of the Council:

Nathalie Wave

Solvita Kalvāne

The Wine

Guna Kazusheva


President-in-Office of the Council – Ella Livdāne, 26190338,
Vice-President of the Council: Oscar Otikov, 26434524
Council Secretary “Elman Bogdanov, 26458951,
Members of the Council:
Nikolai Chernavka
Viktor Nemnasevs
Erna Ulase
Irene Tjarvja
Dina šmaukstele

Padomes priekšsēdētājs ─ Roberts Voits ─ 28750868, e-pasts
Priekšsēdētāja vietniece ─ Sigita Ūzula
Members of the Council:
Aivars Balsir;
Evita Taukule;
Inta Birke;
Iveta Bikovska;
Iveta Babrova;
Raimonds Vaverans;
Viktorija Baltuža;
Skaidrite Mischenko;
Valentine Decsne.

Iedzīvotāju konsultatīvās padomes e-pasts



President-in-Office of the Council Sergejs Ivanovs 29197615, e-pasts
Vice-President of the Council - Iveta Budane 26379289
Council Secretary - Alaona Naturina 28792755
Members of the Council:
Jurijs Mežeckis 26531194
Dina Butler 26543286
Agnes Petkuna 26519124
Genadijs Komlayev 22028588
Alexander Schesler 26146696
Oksana Gerenovska 26140160
Inta Silouniece 29334844

President of the Council – Rita Baltere;
Members of the Council:
Yelena Shilova
Anita Onujan;
Andris Teilans;
Nikolai Kurashaw;
Martin Schwarce;
Lauris enclosed

President of the Council - Imants Mukāns,e-mail:
Vice-President Edgars Potashaw

Members of the Council:
Janina Dunska (protocol)
Erik Silov
Dace Zagorska
Valdis Vitanis
Maria Jershaw
“The house at the lake” looks like a postcard - the tasteful house is comfortably settled in the Umau lake on THE parish OF Pušas. This will be the place for both adventurers and those who have peace and silence in the first place. The owners of the active recreational craft are offered to lease the boat, SUP boards and Kubul with hydromassage, as well as the Razna National Park, Kroma coln, Lūznavas manor and other viewing objects. For those who want to come and catch peace, this place is created: “in the immediate vicinity of nothing but a meadow and a lake.” Often people call and especially emphasize that they have the main condition that there are no other houses and no human beings, “the owner of“ Tic-Kozlovska ”, who, along with her husband, Aigar's recreation house, was built recently in the summer of 2021. She says she wanted to create something for a long time:“ sometimes there are situations in life when you come to a particular place and just conclude that yes, this energetic thing is the place. ”That was what happened here, and we realized that the demand for tourist accommodation in Latgale was bigger than the offer and particularly lacking a tasty place with the smell. Then we saw that a business project competition was announced for the Rēzekne municipality. Of_course, we realized that the cost for this house would be much higher than that of the gravel, but it was a“ kick ”to get and start. When the draft we wrote was approved, there was no way back.“ The construction work started in spring, but it was soon after the end of July last year that the first guests were expected. The young entrepreneurs cannot complain about the lack of visits in the second season: “mostly our guests are families, couples and small companies with little children.” Those who come for a week or more may, in my view, be able to change their mind completely. They're all gone and relaxed. '

President of the Advisory Council - Dainis Selickis
Vice-President - Yelen Kozule
Secretary -Ineta Silabriede
Members of the Council:
Dawn Spruuch-Kozule
Austris Koroshevsky
Arthur Berezovsky
Janis Adijan

Contacts: e-mail:

Head of the Council - Yuri Zabinako (
Members of the Council:
Inga Sticute
Anna Kosovo
Vitold Matwhisper
Irina Romanchuk
Sandra Kļavina

President-in-Office of the Council - Leontin Zaremba
Protocols: Yekaterina Itkača
Members of the Council:
Janis Stačs
Ludmila Smirnov
Tamara Kudrjavceva
Daina Grosheva
Vanda Zaremba
The meetings shall take place on the first Friday of each month. The Commission deals with various issues and reviews written submissions. You can express your feedback, suggestions, and information personally by sending to e-mail:, or leave the parish in your mailbox.

President of the Council: Juris Dombrovskis (e-mail:
Vice-President: Maris Chapavils
Secretary-General of the Council: Martin Shadurska
Members of the Council:
Maria podnieks
Larisa Borisova
Lady Kļavina-Lozda
Sandra Schtekele
Maria Trusova
Edgars Stepins
Andrejs Ulass
Janis Saudins

Head of the Council: Dina Dreimane-Kesbere: 26363630
Members of the Council: Žanis Jesko t: 26669693
Joseph Brencis: 26131584
Rudolf Cross: 29357314
Inese Zalužinska t: 26346528
Armands Kupitz t: 24242842
Maria Sokolova: 29436667 

If there are any questions, suggestions or complaints about life in Nagu civil parish, contact the public advisory council securely. Let's answer your questions, realize your suggestions and resolve your complaints together. 

President of the Council - Solvita Dcold – Saleniece
Members of the Council:
Veronica Dundure
Rasma Martinova
Gunta Grina
Ansis grin

President of the Council - Veronica Lazareva (Bex)
Deputy President of the Council - Gunar Koroshevsky (Bex)
Secretary-General of the Council: Anna Tarakanova (Pleikes)
Members of the Council:
Peter Borisov (Šquarki)
Tatjana Marianova (Deimani)
Maria dunch (Ritty)
Ilona Careva (spokesperson)
Faina Gleizda (Plexis)
Scene Chris (Lebanese)
Jevgenia Lazovska (Lebanese)
Marina Marianova (Bex)
Tatjana Guļbinsk (Andronova)
Nathalie Stolarova (Balbei)

Head of the Council Aleksejs Karzinin
Members of the Council:
Vitold Brencis
Lauris Gadzāns
Diana Līpure
Anastasia Pavlova
Christine stops
Roland Chigon

President of the Council - Oscar Babris
Vice-President of the Council - Laimonis Stepins
Council secretary - Zaiga Lāce
Members of the Council:
Maria Runtowska
Sanita Vjakse
Ilmārs Ratniks
Rihards Litke

President-in-Office of the Council Laura Jaudzema (tel. 28763121 )
Padomes priekšsēdētājas vietnieks Valērijs Jasinskis (tel. 26337036)
Padomes sekretāre Vilma Poplavska
Members of the Council:
Helēna Šidlovska
Ēriks Dimzulis,
Natālija Linkeviča
Elīna Tāraude

President-in-Office of the Council – Alexandra Ostrovska (
Vice-President of the Council – Inara Poļakova (
Members of the Council:
Olga Missevich
Sylvia Squicky
Genius Bobovics
Janis Laizāns
Rita Koroļkova
Ivan Koņuhov
Regina Mitrevich
Regina Baranova
Inta Kurmewa
Valentine Krasutina
Maria nizina

President- Valerijs Ivanovs
Vice-President- Kaspars Saprovskis
Secretary - Irina Cvetkova
Aria Moiseyeva
Zoja Golovikova
Maris Zavdrins
Vera Poļakova
Lucia Healthy
Tatjana Meļko
Valentine Kwasova
Igor Bogurdovich

Head of the Council Veneranda Senkane tel. 26160057 e-mail veneranda.senk Skin @contact. lv
Members of the Council:
Editte Bule
Inara Ancha
Inara Petuhova
Ludmila Vasilieva
Ivars Seņkanan
Peteris Braidac
Laura Seņkane

Public consultative President-in-Office of the Council Ieva Sam tel. 26597958, e-mail:
Public consultative padomes priekšsēdētājas vietniece Daiga Putrāne, e-pasts:, tālr. 26591097.

Members of the Consultative Council of the population:
Ērika Sedola;
Martin Kirilko;
Ieva Strogonova;
Irina Georgea;
Stanislav Vish;
Janis mach;
Ilya Georges.

Vice-PresidentLinda Gritane OF 29926506  e-mail:

Vice-President- Ilona butterfly e-mail:
Secretary- Liene Mežatuča, 26410263 e-mail:
Peteris Puzek

Ilga Ceirule e-mail:

Martin Rudzīte
Valentine Dmitijeva

Vice-President- Christine Meirule
Vice-President- Ilona Fiodorova
Secretary- Aria Strupisha
Vera Dukšta
Oxana Ivanova
Imants Strupish
Irina Fiodorova
Larisa Sirjak

President-in-Office of the Council - Vveneranda Strode, tel. 29397052 (
Members of the Council:
Peteris Grigorjevs
Ineta Applica
Alida Ikauniece
Janin Brother
Oscars Krukovskis
Zigrīda Vasilkova
Edgar wheelchair

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