Desetnieki Cemetery where some famous people of Latgale are buried

Posted 20.05.2014
Desetnīku kapsētas krucifikss

Address: Desetnīku kapi, Nautrēnu pagasts
Short description: 3,5 km from the parish centre – Rogovka, in Desetnīki, one can see old Catholic graves where some famous people from Nautrēni parish are buried. Among them are: fighter for people’s rights Pīters Miglinīks (1850-1883), a bard Andrivs Jurdžs (1845-1925), some poets Pēteris Jurciņš (1932-2004) and Antons Kūkojs (1940-2007) The author of the monuments is a sculptor Bērtulis Buls.


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