Artists' residences IN Lūznavas Manor – digital art representatives from France



The project “European Connections of Digital Arts” - EUCIDA (digital art covers Europe) is operated by French artists Stefans Cloor and Elise Alloin in THE artists' residence AT Lūznavas at Lūznavas in Europe.
The theme of artists' research is the environment this time - from the smallest single-cell organisms - blue-algae to waste that degrades our environment. Using digital technologies, artists record a sound that is distributed by the most common blue algae. Based on these exciting studies, art installations will be built.
Cyanobacteria or cyanobacteria in the evolution process played a major role in creating oxygen atmosphere on the ground. Blualgae are photosynthesizing, present in organic substances in rich waters, but their mass multiplication causes water “blossoming” and the destruction of aquatic animals.
An artist from French Jacques Lopez (Jacques Lopez) was active in the EUCIDA project for the second year in SEPTEMBER last year.
EUCIDA is a three-year project financed by the European Union “Creative Europe” and implemented by the modern art centre in Ireland (Rua red) and France (Espace Multimédia Gantner) in cooperation with the municipality of Rezekne. The aim of the project is to establish cooperation between digital artists and cultural acquaintants in Europe, thereby developing innovation and promoting the popularity of digital art at international level.
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