“Namely and do” – support for young people who do not work and do not attend


For young people

If you are a young age from 15 to 29 years of age, do not work at the present time, do not work in gainful employment, do not receive an occupational job at a masters and have not been registered in the State Agency of Employment (SEA) as an unemployed person, login to support in the project “and DO!”.

We adapt to the situation of this moment in the country, and we offer a variety of courses at a distance or in keeping with all the epidemiological requirements set out in Covid-19.

Project financed by the European Social Fund “THAT's what you'RE DOING.”, No. is unique with the fact that every young person involved in a project is given individual, direct support for him. On the basis of the skills, interests, potential development and needs of young people, a programme of individual measures is developed for young people, offering appropriate support measures, which may include activities such as non-formal and informal learning, specialist advice (psychologist, career consultant, etc., except medical staff), participation in events (camps, seminars, sports activities, cultural events), volunteering, involvement in activities of non-governmental organisations and youth centres, events and projects, awareness of the specificities of the profession, including visits to enterprises, participation in local public activities, specific measures for young people with disabilities.

Any young people who want to receive individual support and participate in the project “NAMELY and DO!” are invited to turn to the municipality of Rezekne at the project coordinator Baiba.

Every young person will be supported by programme managers and mentors, representatives of education and youth affairs, representatives of youth associations, employees of various educational institutions, career consultants and representatives of other fields and sectors and specialists. This means that every young man will be able not only to work with interesting and diverse people, but also to take advantage of experience and a valuable knowledge of the future of life.

We call on everyone to give this news to young peoplewho can participate in the project, thereby helping them take their first step and change their lives.

The objective of the project is to develop the skills of the youth of the target group and to promote their involvement in education, including vocational training at the activities of the youth guarantee projects implemented by the masters, the State Agency of Employment or the State Education Development Agency or the active employment or preventive unemployment reduction measures implemented by the State Agency, as well as in the activities of non-governmental organisations or youth centres.

To log in to a project or to obtain additional information, press e-mail baiba.uzulnika@saskarsme.lv or calls by phone 29447595.

More information on the project “NAMELY and DO!” can be found here - http://jaunatne.gov.lv/lv/jauniesu-garantija/par-projektu-proti-un-dari 
“NAMELY and DO IT!” is the “growth and employment” of the 2014-2020 programming period of the European Union funds “to develop the skills of the NON-registered NEET youth of THE SEA and to promote their involvement in education, THE activities of THE SEA within the framework of the youth guarantee and the activities of non-governmental organisations or youth centres”, which is implemented by the youth international programme agency in cooperation with Latvian municipalities.

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