Sacred Tourism Route –Pleskavas apgabals(Pskov District)- Latgale region

Posted 10.06.2014

Route name: Ceļojums pa Svētās Māras un Svētās Olgas zemi.
Duration: 7 days
Length: 883 km in Latvia, 835 km in Russia
The number of objects: Latvia- 48; Russia -10

An integral part of Latgale and Pskov district is their cultural heritage- different denomination churches, monasteries and sacred monuments- which have been the spiritual centres for years. Sacred monuments were built in different time periods and they reflect different art styles as Baroque or Byzantine, or represent traditional classicism. It is not possible to talk about Latgale not mentioning the saint route to Aglona. Every year, in August, thousands of piligrims visit the sacred place. Pskov is famous for St Olga; St.Marija is ancient Latgalian goddess. There are a lot of holly places, as well as holly icons. Visiting churches and other holly places one could be impressed by unique culture and history of the monuments.This route will help you to understand the sacred world better. Compare different feelings caused by visiting churches, monasteries and feel the touch of the divine.


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