Kurpes_augsha Posted 12.12.2019
Болото Салас
(Latviešu) Adrese: Gaigalavas pagasts
Telefons: +371 20120101
E-pasts: info@purvubrideji.lv
Mājas lapa: http://www.purvubrideji.lv/salas-purvs/
Iepriekš pieteikties!
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DSC_0022 Posted 12.09.2019
Homemade wines
Adress: Nagļi, Nagļu pagasts
Phone: +371 28659815
E-mail: igaune.marta@gmail.com
Short description: Tours of the garden. Chance to taste test and purchase various homemade wines. Reserve ahead of time. V-IX
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_MG_3024 Posted 10.05.2018
Guest house “Stikāni”
Adrese: Bernāni, Nagļu pagasts, Rēzeknes novads, LV-4631
Tālrunis +371 28671971
E-pasts: ilze@dabastures.lv www.dabastures.lv
Vietas: 10

Birdwatching information centre, guided birding tours, nature and bird photo tours and workshops upon request, coffee, tea, accommodation and catering for our guests.
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M Dzipsli_izstadee (2) Posted 02.05.2016
“Dzipšļu medus”
(Latviešu) Adrese: Upmalas, Nagļu pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Telefons: +371 26669693
E-pasts: zanis.jesko@gmail.com
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DV Posted 06.10.2015
Cafe “Pērtnieku gardumi”
Adress: Pērtnieki, Sakstagala pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
T.: +371 26106333
E-mail: vlakon_edinasana@inbox.lv
Home page : www.pertnieki.lv
Working hours: Monday -- Friday 9.00 – 17.00
GPS: 56.753591, 27.0411995
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Ekosaimniecība Dzeneiši Posted 09.06.2014
Eco Farm „Dzeneiši”
Address: Kristiņki, Nautrēnu pagasts
T: +371 26548778
E-mail: dzeneisi@inbox.lv
Short description: We offer the items made from wool, linen, wood and the leather.The wool processing. Try various craft works and get the basic skills of the golf! Taste and buy herbal tea. Hand-made products for sauna and bathhouse: a bathhouse besom, woollen hats, wooden seats, etc. We have a tent places and picnic area surrounded by amazing landscape and thick fog in the evenings.
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Lubāns Posted 02.06.2014
Lake Lubāns
Address: Gaigalavas, Nagļu pagasts
T: +371 28301143
Short description: Lake Lubāns, wetland of Lubāns. Lubāns (80,7 km2) is the largest lake in Latvia and the unique wetland in Europe. The lake and the wetland have high biodiversity. Nature Reserve is included in the European Union network of protected areas and NATURA 2000 under the Ramsar Convention criteria as the wetland of international importance. Lubāns wetland, called marshy meadows, includes bogs, wet meadows and wet forests. In autumn and spring the lake attracts thousands of migratory waterfowl which is easily to wach from the bird observation towers or the terrace of water tourism development center.
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Kurpiniku_krucifiks (936 x 1404) Posted 10.05.2014
The Crucifix of Kūrpinīki
Address: Kurpinīki, Nagļu pagasts
Short description: The Crucifix of Kurpinīki is known also as the place where Janis Streičs shot some scenes of the his popular movie „The Child of a Man”. The crucifix was situated in the courtyard of Donats Klīdzējs. His grandson, famous writer Jānis Klīdzējs lived in the USA and wrote the book „The Child of a Man”.
GPS: 56.6567574, 26.9549740
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DSC05598 Posted 08.05.2014
Address: Īdeņa, Nagļu pagasts
T: +371 28301143, +371 29165392
E-mail: zvejnieki-lubans@inbox.lv
Home page:www.zvejnieki.lv
Places: 30
Short description: Accommodation possibilities in the comfortable guest house “Zvejnieki”. Place for sport events and games, tent places. Enjoying picturesque sunsets at Lake Lubāns. The host is a story teller.
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Skype Posted 29.04.2014
“Baka” Center of Water Tourism
Address: Kvāpāni, Gaigalavas pag.
T: +371 26663358
E-mail: baka@rezeknesnovads.lv
Home page:http://baka.rezeknesnovads.lv
Places: 5
Short description: “Bāka” –centre of water tourism development. Providing accommodation, rooms for conferences, exhibitions, terrace for bird observation, Parking lot, trailer sites, tennis court, volleyball playground, and a small stage with benches. Place for children and youth camps. Sightseeing excursions around Lake Lubāna, by motor boat, water skis, surfboard, and kite rentals.

GPS: 56.7949443, 26.9449898

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