Rāznas Nacionālais parks

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DIC_Razna2 (1060 x 707) Posted 09.06.2014
Nature Educational Centre „Rāzna”
Address: Skolas iela 3, Lipuški, Mākoņkalna pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
T: +371 29139677
E-mail: regina.indrike@daba.gov.lv
Short description: A lot of activities conncted with nature protection are offered here both for children and adults.
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Jaunstašuļu Velna akmens Posted 07.06.2014
Jaunstašuli Stone „Velna pēdas” (“The feet of the devil”)
Address: Mākoņkalna pagasts „Jaunstašuļi”
T: +371 64646741
Short description: There is a hollow reminding the human being’s foot( 0,3 m length, width -0,09m, depth 0,02) in the stone called Velna pēdas (The feet of the devil).

GPS: 56.2894310, 27.3935874
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jugulu akmens Posted 06.06.2014
Juguļi Boulder
Address: Juguļi, Kaunatas pagasts
Short description: Juguļi boulder is located on the territory of Rāzna National Park, in Kaunata rural territory, 300 m from the road Vecsloboda – turn from Marguži road – Juguļi. The representatives of the National Park have placed the signs that lead to the boulder. Size of the boulder: length – 5,17m, width – 2,88m, height – 5m, perimeter – almost 21m. GPS: 56.3363714, 27.5880591
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Rudo kumeļu pauguri Posted 06.06.2014
Farm „Rudo kumeļu paguri”
Address: Šļakoti, Kaunatas pagasts
T: +371 28745654 , +371 26283607
Short description: Horse riding farm “Rudo kumeļu pauguri”offers horse riding in the cart and horseback riding. Children can enjoy the farm and its pets, taste the home-made milk.
GPS: 56.2806915, 27.5165521
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raznas_perle Posted 05.06.2014
Rāzna’s Pearl
Address: Malukšta, Mākoņkalna pagasts
T: +371 26004040
E-mail: raznasperle@inbox.lv
Short description: The guest house is located at the second biggest lake called Rāzna; the beautiful place where one can spend holidays. Nice place for celebrations (60 places). Accomodation, sauna (20 places),a pool, tent places, boats.
GPS: 56.2847310, 27.4942607

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lielaisliepukalns Posted 03.06.2014
The Great Lime Tree Hill
Address: Dubuļu ciems, Kaunatas pagasts
Short description: Lielais Liepu Hill (The Great Lime Tree Hill-ENG.) The hill (289, 3 m above the sea level) is the highest peak in Latgale and the third highest peak in Latvia. On the peak of the hill there is the highest sightseing tower in Latvia (34 m) built of wood. One can enjoy a wonderful view to Lake Rāzna and its surroundings.
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Veselības sala Posted 02.06.2014
Holiday House „Veselības sala”
Address: Sala, Mostovaja, Lūznavas pagasts
T: +371 22045577
E - mail: etgars15@inbox.lv
Home page: www.veselibassala.lv
Short description: Sauna procedures, Russian steam bath, energetic massage and cure. Meeting the speciālists in ayurvedic medicine and Baltic ancient signs.
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Ezerkrasti_kopskats Posted 02.06.2014
Address: Dukstigals, Tilieši, Čornajas pagasts
T: +371 26411207 , +371 26450437
E-mail: razna08@inbox.lv
Home page: www.raznasezerkrasti.lv
Places: 50
Short description: Situated 50 m from Lake Rāzna, 200 m from the wood. Celebration rooms, rooms for seminars (6 - 150 pkaces), accommodation, bathhouse with a small swimming pool in it, café. Recreation complex is an ideal place for sport events.

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Posted 31.05.2014
Ļoļi Stone „Velna pēdas” (The feet of the devil)
Address: Mākoņkalna pagasts
T: +371 64646741
Short description: Ļoļi Velna pēdas stone is located in a small wooded meadow at the border of Rēzekne and Krāslava municipalities. It is 1,9m high rounded cone with the base perimeter 1,8m. This stone is a geological monument and was registered in the 1930s, and belonged to another administrative territory.

GPS: 56.2894310, 27.3935874
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Plakanais akmens Posted 29.05.2014
Wide Stone
Address: Mākoņkalna pagasts
T: +371 64646741
Short description: In Mākoņkalns parish, not far from stone Āžmugura one can see a wide stone- Platais akmens.
GPS: 56.2927650, 27.3933172
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