Rāznas Nacionālais parks

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Brīvdienu māja Laukmalas Posted 13.05.2014
“The niceplace Rāzna” (“Skaistā Rāzna”)
Address: Strodi, Kaunatas pagasts
T: +371 27892916
E-mail: i.brolisa@inbox.lv
Places: 13 +3
Short description: Rest at Lake Rāzna - angling, riding bikes, enjoying bathouse services, massage, rooms for celebrations. One can order smoked fish for dinner on request.

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Sparites Posted 12.05.2014
Address: Vilkukrogs, Kaunatas pagasts
T: +371 29166645
E-mail: arkrei@inbox.lv
Places: 10
Short description: „Spārītes” at Lake Rāzna offers a lounge with a fireplace, the kitchen, rest rooms ( 10 beds). Throughout the year one can enjoy bathhouse services (steaming in the sauna with aromatic herb and leaf birch besoms). Our special offer is relaxing in a warm tub of water in the open air throughout the year.
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Līdaciņas Posted 11.05.2014
Address: Karpinje, Kaunatas pagasts
T: +371 29252998 , +371 29474627
E-mail: tiptops@inbox.lv
Places: 5
Short description: Recreation place for active and interesting rest is situated at Lake Pārtova. Tent sites, water skis.

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rehab_c_eeka2 Posted 09.05.2014
Latgale Rehabilitation Centre „Rāzna”
Address: Sauču kalna iela 3, Veczosna, Lūznavas pagasts
T: +371 64646923, +371 64646910, +371 29422323
E-mail: lnrc@apollo.lv
Short description: The rehabilitation centre „Rāzna” is built on a small hillock at Lake Zosna. It is surrounded by park. The centre is an architectural monument of local importance.
GPS: 56.3340367, 27.3074509
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Burvīgā Rāzna Posted 08.05.2014
“Burvīgā Rāzna”
Address: „Jaunliepiņas", Škrabi, Mākoņkalna pagasts
T: + 371 27876016
E-mail: skrabi@inbox.lv
Places: 9
Short description: Enjoy romantic atmosphere and eating sandwiches, drinking a cup of coffee, listening to Latgalian music. Remarkable nearby tourist attractions are Lake Rāzna, Ē. Vasilevska potter’s workshop. Tent places. Fishing.
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Raznas_ez_no_Makonkalna (1152 x 768) Posted 07.05.2014
Mākoņkalns (Cloud Hill)
Address: Mākoņkalna pagasts
Short description:Mākoņkalns ( Cloud Hill), also called Padebešu kalns,is located near Lake Rāzna (249 m above the sea level). In 1252, on the top of the mountain the Livonian Order built one of the first fortifications in Latgale: the castle of Volkenbergs. At present one can see only the parts of the protecting wall. There is a picturesque view to Lake Rāzna.
X: 711415, Y: 6242127
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dinamietis Posted 07.05.2014
“Jaunais Dinamietis”
Address: Rogs, Kaunatas pagasts
T: + 371 26409809
E-mail: raznasezers@inbox.lv
Home page:http://www.atputapieraznas.lv
Places: 300
Short description: 30 wooden bungalows, an administrative building, two saunas, a café, sports area, places for children, playgrounds, camping and parking lot. It is opened from May till September.
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Kempings "Selena" Posted 07.05.2014
“Selena L”
Address: Astici, Kaunatas pagasts
T: +371 29179338, +371 26554137
E-mail: jelena.lescinska@inbox.lv
Home page:http://www.selenal.lv
Places: 13+15, 40+20
Short description: Camping is located 300 m from Lake Rāzna. Three two-storey houses, 1 one-storey, 4 wooden tents, two saunas are offered for comfortable rest.
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Milkas_pilskalnaa Posted 06.05.2014
The Castle hill of Milka
Address: Milkas c., Mākoņkalna pagasts
Short description: The castle hill of Milka is located near Lake Salāja and the Malta river; 27 m above the lake level. Local businessman cleaned the hill and placed the statue of Our Lady there which symbolizes Latgale’s inhabitants strong faith into God and Virgin Mary.
GPS: 56.2119890, 27.3822829
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Dukstigala RK baznīca Posted 05.05.2014
St. Virgin Mary Roman Catholic Church of Dukstigals
Address: Dukstigals, Čornajas pagasts
T: +371 64623500
Short description: St. Virgin Mary Roman Catholic Church of Dukstigals was built in 1776. The wooden church was burned down in the World War I. In 1827 the church was restored. Finally the building was restored in 1947. The church has the icon of Our Lady in the central altar and the statue of Our Lady.

GPS: 56.3781504, 27.4164994
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