Ancient crafts

Ancient crafts

20180712_102405 Posted 27.05.2019
(Latviešu) Kokgriezējs Ēriks Ruhmans
(Latviešu) Adrese: Kaunata, Kaunatas pagasts
Telefons: 28365104
Īss apraksts: Sadzīves priekšmetu darināšana no īpatnējiem dabiskiem koku veidojumiem, stāstījums.
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20180712_095155_001 Posted 04.12.2015
(Latviešu) Bišu muiža Kaunatā
(Latviešu) Adrese: "Zaļie Batņi”, c.Batņi, Kaunatas pagasts
Tālrunis: +371 29235941
Darba laiks: pēc pieteikuma.

Īss apraksts: Bišu muiža Kaunatas pagasta Batņos piedāvā retu iespēju iepazīties ar 1875. gadā celto muižkunga vasaras rezidenci, tā saukto foļvarku, kura, realizējot projektu, ir pārtapusi par mūsdienīgu bišu paviljonu.
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G_Igaunis (1013 x 675) Posted 23.06.2014
Ancient musical Instrument Workshop of Gunārs Igaunis. Museum of “šmakouka” (homebrew)
Address: Bikava 2a, Gaigalava, Gaigalavas pagasts
T: +371 28728790, +371 26593441
Home page:
Short description: Enjoy exposition of the ancient musical instruments, a collection of accordions, and the process of manufacturing new musical instruments and playing music. Visitors also can try playing musical instruments.
GPS: 56.7339604, 27.0702624
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Ādas apstrādes darbnīca Apkalnmājas Posted 15.06.2014
Leather goods shop „Apkalnmājas”
Address: Adamova, Vērēmu pagasts
T: +371 26597635 , +371 64637063
Short description: Leather goods shop. Enjoy the tour and participate in the working process of national things as belts, wallets, original handbags, etc. It is the only Latvian craft workshop which offers items for horses: collars and bridle. Product purchase is possible, excursions. Discounts for 10 people group.

GPS: 56.5525703, 27.3567663

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Juris Krompāns Posted 29.05.2014
Potter Juris Krompāns
Address: Ņiperova, Griškānu pagasts
T: +371 64640517, +371 27529187
Short description: Potter Juris Krompāns makes branched candlesticks and offers participation in the process of making ceramic „miracle”. You shouldn’t miss the exhibition of potter’s works next to the workshop. The purchasing is available. Juris Krompāns is the follower of traditional ceramics. Potter’s brunched candle masterpiece is also seen in Latgalian Culture
GPS: 56.5132259, 27.4528839
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Kalējs Jānis Ļubka Posted 29.05.2014
Blacksmith Jānis Ļubka
Address: Zaļmuiža, Nautrēnu pagasts
T: +371 29111736
Short description: Jānis Ļubka offers metal works of the household objects - bracelets, watches, candle sticks, flower holders, as well as the mirrors, coat hangers and chairs. Visitors can try to make a nail or horseshoe for the luck. The master inherits the spirit of the Latvian art traditions in his works; he has his own innovative style.
GPS: 56.7351211, 27.3818710

 Read more Posted 29.05.2014
Wood Sculptor Antons Rancāns and painter Gundega Rancāne
Address: Makašāni, Vērēmu pagasts
T: +371 64628830, +371 26528669
Short description: You shouldn’t miss original sculptural cartoons devoted to famous people. The sculptor is gifted with the good-natured humor. He has a great talent to capture specific features of the human nature and ironic public events. The artist makes open - air decorative items and crucifixes from the wood.
GPS: 56.5851889, 27.3148414
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Viktors Pankovs Posted 28.05.2014
Potter Viktors Pankovs
Address: Purmaļi, Vērēmu pagasts
T: +371 64628394, +371 26286808
Short description: Red glaze works that look like porcelain are typical to Viktors Pankovs. The red glazing is very rare. Here you can find large ceramic forms – Chinese vase motives and large floor and outdoor vases.
GPS: 56.5894941, 27.4099012
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bi;des aipods 402 Posted 27.05.2014
Potter Aivars Ušpelis and Painter Vēsma Ušpele
Address: Garkalni, Maltas pagasts
T: +371 29466372
Home page:
Short description: The works of the potter are not typical for Latgale: they are colourful, attractive and unique. Enjoy the odor of old times and purchase a masterpiece.
GPS: 56.3263488, 27.1336887
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Andris Ušpelis Posted 26.05.2014
Potter Andris Ušpelis
Address: Pocelujevka, Griškānu pagasts
T: +371 29463032
Short description: Potter Andris Ušpelis leads the National art studio „The potters of Rēzekne District”. Every year, the studio organizes two major events – Potter Days in spring and local or state exhibitions. The works of the potter recall shapes, color, decorations and the style of the Silajāņi ceramics. Andris tries to maintain the traditional meaning of the ornamentation signs and to express his individual style. The potter makes the Svilpavnieks (Latvian wind-instrument), bowls, cups and vases and he always follows the tradition not to use more than three ornaments on an item.
GPS: 56.4825021, 27.3550071
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