5 kilometres around Rēzekne

5 kilometres around   Rēzekne

DSC_0002 Posted 10.01.2019
(Latviešu) Piknika un kempinga vieta “Zemeņu lauks”
(Latviešu) Adrese: Skredeļi,, Audriņu pagasts, Rēzeknes novads, LV-4611
Tālrunis: +371 29253974
Īss apraksts: Plaša, labiekārtota teritorija dažāda veida brīvdabas pasākumiem (dzimšanas dienas, radu saieti, kolēģu atpūta u.c.). Piknika namiņš, bērnu rotaļu laukums.
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Skats_no_Ancupanu_sk_t Posted 21.05.2015
Observation Tower in Ančupāni
Address: Pridenoji, Kolna Ančupāni,
Home page: www.lvm.lv
Short description: If you go121 stairs up you will be able to assess the Rēzekne City and Rēzekne Municipality landscape. 28,5 m high wooden tower is situated in Ančupāni forest nearly 200 metres above sea level. Not far from the observation tower one can visit Ančupāni memorial and the monument “Māte ābele”. The monument is devoted to the victims of WW II.

GPS: 56.5384309, 27.3168691
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Z/s "Untumi"" Posted 23.10.2014
Address: Spundžāni, Ozolmuižas pagasts
T: +371 26227297 , +371 26337449
E-mail: ligita@untumi.lv , ligita.harcevska@gmail.com
Home page:http://www.untumi.lv
Short description: Horseback riding and cart rides as well as horse sleigh in winter. Stork wathing with optical devices. Place for the picnic. In 2014 the place got Latvian Herritage sign.

GPS: 56.5372070, 27.2523790
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Ādas apstrādes darbnīca Apkalnmājas Posted 15.06.2014
Leather goods shop „Apkalnmājas”
Address: Adamova, Vērēmu pagasts
T: +371 26597635 , +371 64637063
E-mail: apkalnmajas@inbox.lv
Home page:www.apkalnmajas.lv
Short description: Leather goods shop. Enjoy the tour and participate in the working process of national things as belts, wallets, original handbags, etc. It is the only Latvian craft workshop which offers items for horses: collars and bridle. Product purchase is possible, excursions. Discounts for 10 people group.

GPS: 56.5525703, 27.3567663

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Mini zoo Rozīte Posted 02.06.2014
Mini zoo „Rozīte”
Address: „Skredeļi”, Audriņu pagasts
T: +371 26417666
Working hours: on request.
Short description: It is a private collection of exotic birds and dwaft-animals. Here is a windmill built by the host and the opportunity to ring the bells of copper and silver. According to the legend the bells will bring more money to the ringer.
Working hours: on request. Excursions every day Mon.-Fri. 10-16
GPS: 56.5417613, 27.2555687
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Viktors Pankovs Posted 28.05.2014
Potter Viktors Pankovs
Address: Purmaļi, Vērēmu pagasts
T: +371 64628394, +371 26286808
E-mail: viktorpankov@inbox.lv
Short description: Red glaze works that look like porcelain are typical to Viktors Pankovs. The red glazing is very rare. Here you can find large ceramic forms – Chinese vase motives and large floor and outdoor vases.
GPS: 56.5894941, 27.4099012
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Stārķu vērošana Untumos Posted 25.05.2014
Stork watching
Address: Spundžāni, Ozolmuižas pagasts
T: +371 26227297
E-mail: ligita.harcevska@gmail.com
Home page:http://www.untumi.lv
Short description: Stork watching by optical devices. One has the opportunity to observe the storks’ life with optical devices. A horse yard "Untumi", 4 km from Rēzekne city.
GPS: 56.5347186, 27.2587872
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IMG_2859 Posted 22.05.2014
The Workshop of the Potters Voguli „Ceplīši”
Address: Ceplīši, Lendžu pagasts
T: +371 26403687, +371 29926376, +371 22471191
E-mail: olga.vogule@inbox.lv
Home page:http://www.voguls.lv/
Short description: Black ceramic traditions dominate in the potter’s works. Voldemārs Voguls has graduated Rēzekne Art and Design High school. He was practicing at the pottery masters Adams Kāpostiņš, Jānis Backāns, Antons Ušpeļs and the art scientist Jānis Pujāts. Olga, his wife, considers pottery as a hobby. The potter has many certificates, as well as Three Star Order that was awarded in 2005.
GPS: 56.5632596, 27.4622324

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Kaleji Posted 13.05.2014
Address: Kozori, Ozolmuižas pagasts
T: +371 28680486, +371 26405369
E-mail: kjakste@inbox.lv
Short description: Place for the picnic, sport events and weddings. Fishing in ponds (carp, trout, pike, sturgeon, etc.). The possibility to use fish smoking equipment.

GPS: 56.5089282, 27.2607667
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