Lubāna wetland for children

Lubāna  wetland for children

Vlakon Posted 25.04.2014
Address: Pērtnieki, Sakstagala pagasts
T: +371 29210119

Short description: Excursion (previous appointment). Tent, barbecue and picnic sites, boat and catamaran rent; beach volleyball courts are also found here. Fishing in ponds. The story about the Pērtnieki dolomite quarry and development process. It is possible to try fish soup cooked on open fire.

GPS: 56.753591, 27.0411995
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Teirumnieku purva taka Posted 25.04.2014
Teirumnieki marsh pathway
Address: Nagļu pagasts
T: +371 28301143
Home page:
Short description: Teirumnieki marsh is located between Lubāni un Orenīši ponds. One can enjoy habitats and landscapes of the bog by walking along 800m long path which leads along Lake Teirumnieki and recreation place. The place is very attractive in spring (May) when everything is in blossom.

GPS: 56.7505875, 26.9475525
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Udens turisma attistibas centrs Baka Posted 25.04.2014
Centre of Water Tourism Development „Bāka”
Address: Lubāna ezera piekrastē, „Bāka”, Gaigalavas pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
T: +371 26663358
Short description:The new facilitated place for enjoying sports and cultural activities. Providing accomodation, rooms for conferences, exhibitions, terrace for bird observation, dressing rooms and other necessary infrastructure. Place for children, WC. Parking lot, trailor sites, tennis court, volleyball playground, benches and a small stage.
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Gunārs Igaunis Posted 25.04.2014
Ancient musical instrument workshop of Gunārs Igaunis
Address: Bikava 2a, Gaigalava, Gaigalavas pagasts
T: +371 28728790
Home page:
Short description: Enjoy exposition of the ancient musical instruments, a collection of accordions, and the process of manufactoring new musical instruments. Visitors can try playing musical instruments.

GPS: 56.7339604, 27.0702624
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