Rāzna National park for children

Rāzna  National park for children

ABC_4898 Posted 15.01.2019
Tree top trail “Rāznas priedes”
Adress: Ezerkrasti, Dukstigals, Čornajas pag. T. 26415942
Exciting, active and exhilarating outdoor activity up to 6m above the ground. There is also a lower rope trail for kids.
Open: I – V with prior reservation.
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20180712_095155_001 Posted 04.12.2015
(Latviešu) Bišu muiža Kaunatā
(Latviešu) Adrese: "Zaļie Batņi”, c.Batņi, Kaunatas pagasts
Tālrunis: +371 29235941
Darba laiks: pēc pieteikuma.

Īss apraksts: Bišu muiža Kaunatas pagasta Batņos piedāvā retu iespēju iepazīties ar 1875. gadā celto muižkunga vasaras rezidenci, tā saukto foļvarku, kura, realizējot projektu, ir pārtapusi par mūsdienīgu bišu paviljonu.
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Lūznavas_muiža_2018 Posted 08.05.2015
Lūznavas Manor Building with Park
Address: Pils iela 8, Lūznava, Rēzeknes novads, LV-4627
T: +371 371 29390701, +371 67999967, Tourism Information Centre of Rēzekne Region: +371 28686863; +371 63161616
E-mail: muiza@luznava.lv, tic@rezeknesnovads.lv
Working hours:
On winter time (01.10. – 30.04.): 9.00 - 16.00
On summer time (01.05. – 30.09.): 10.00 - 18.00
Short description: Art Nouveau gem of Latgale. It was built in the early 20th century as a place for art and music. Over the decades it experienced historic change, becoming a school, military headquarters, then school again, parish administration and library. At last in 2015 - reborn anew to inspire and become a true home for MUSE.
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20180712_150843 (1077 x 605) Posted 10.06.2014
Stone Āžmugura
Address: Mākoņkalna pagasts „Jaunstašuļi“
T: +371 64646741
Short description:One can see cult stones. The grey and brown triangle stone is called stone Āžmugura. The flat one named Platais akmens (wide stone- engl) is located at the small bog 200m from Āžmugura.

GPS: 56.2927650, 27.3933172
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Jaunstašuļu Velna akmens Posted 07.06.2014
Jaunstašuli Stone „Velna pēdas” (“The feet of the devil”)
Address: Mākoņkalna pagasts „Jaunstašuļi”
T: +371 64646741
Short description: There is a hollow reminding the human being’s foot( 0,3 m length, width -0,09m, depth 0,02) in the stone called Velna pēdas (The feet of the devil).

GPS: 56.2894310, 27.3935874
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Rudo kumeļu pauguri Posted 06.06.2014
Farm „Rudo kumeļu paguri”
Address: Šļakoti, Kaunatas pagasts
T: +371 28745654 , +371 26283607
Short description: Horse riding farm “Rudo kumeļu pauguri”offers horse riding in the cart and horseback riding. Children can enjoy the farm and its pets, taste the home-made milk.
GPS: 56.2806915, 27.5165521
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lielaisliepukalns Posted 03.06.2014
The Great Lime Tree Hill
Address: Dubuļu ciems, Kaunatas pagasts
Short description: Lielais Liepu Hill (The Great Lime Tree Hill-ENG.) The hill (289, 3 m above the sea level) is the highest peak in Latgale and the third highest peak in Latvia. On the peak of the hill there is the highest sightseing tower in Latvia (34 m) built of wood. One can enjoy a wonderful view to Lake Rāzna and its surroundings.
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Plakanais akmens Posted 29.05.2014
Wide Stone
Address: Mākoņkalna pagasts
T: +371 64646741
Short description: In Mākoņkalns parish, not far from stone Āžmugura one can see a wide stone- Platais akmens.
GPS: 56.2927650, 27.3933172
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Rāznas ezers Posted 27.05.2014
Lake Rāzna
Address: Kaunatas, Čornajas, Lūznavas, Mākoņkalna pagasts
T: +371 64667000 (municipality)
Short description: Lake Rāzna (57,8 m2) is often called the sea of Latgale. It is the biggest lake in Latvia. Rāzna is situated on the hill Rāznava with beautiful landscapes, high peaks and Latgalian castle hills. Enjoy the recreation places beside the lake, the National park of Rāzna and its surroundings. The place is included in the European Union network of protected areas NATURA 2000. The lake has 10 islands with the territory 24,6 ha. The largest islands are Apaļa sala and Apšu sala. Two gulfs- Zosnasgals and Dūkstigals. The level of the water is 163,8 m above the see level. In 2006 Rāzna National Park was opened.
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IMG_6248 Posted 21.05.2014
Guitar Workshop „AttAck”
Address: Dubuļi, Kaunatas pagasts
T: +371 29252998
Working hours: on request.
Home page:www.attack.mozello.lv
Short description: Private collection of the guitars, the process of guitar manufacturing.
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