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Maximum sentence length exceeded. Luban Lake mirror surface area. The water level adjustment of the lake started 19.gs in the mid-18 th century, but the most significant works were 20.gs. In the 30 s and 50-70 s, when the lake was inspired, there was a circuit and a regulated leakage along the Aivieksti. Most lake basin is approximately 100 km long Резекненская и Maltas riverswhich came into Luban, the mouth was combined and a fishery was installed along the two rivers Нагли fish ponds. Natural ecosystems are Iceland, Logan, Nagļu, Orena, Fish Fish Pondof which the total area managed has been severely reduced in recent years.

Nagļu civil parish Luban wetted in the complexwhich is unique with biotope diversity. The Luban wetlands are listed ON THE list OF European major bird sites, at least 23 000 waterbirds are present at the time of spring migration. There are 236 bird species found here, of which 87 are species threatened in Europe. Luban Lake and Iceland's ponds are one of the few nesting places in the white heron in Latvia. Hunters, not only from all Latvian provinces, but also from abroad, are gathering on duck hunting IN Nagļu. In parish ponds, rivers and lakes, 24 fish species are living: carp, pikes, zandars, sharps, flags, carousels etc. 4 nature reserves have been created for the protection of flora and fauna.

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