The Consultative Council of the Citizens

IN Mākoņkalna parish administration, a new advisory council of the selected population operates from November 2022. The Council consists of 8 members of the Council.

      - Leontin Zaremba - President-in-Office of the Council 29103891

      - Evita - President-in-Office of the Council

      - Inta Gribuste - Minimum

Members of the Advisory Council:

       - Inta Breakfast - Vilcāne

       - Ludmila Smirnov

       - Tamara Kudrjavceva

       - Elga Pokule

       - Guntars Skesters

The meetings are held every month. The Council deals with various issues and reviews written submissions. You can express your feedback, suggestions, and information personally by sending to e-mail:, or leave the parish administration in the mailbox.

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