Information for people about signing options

The Constitution stipulates that not less than one tenth of voters have the right:
1) to submit a draft law to the President of the State or a draft amendments to the Constitution, which is handed over by the President to the Saeima;
2) to propose a People's referendum on the withdrawal of the Saeima.
These rights may be exercised by voters within 12 months of the date of registration of the relevant initiative by the Central Election Commission (hereinafter CVK). Information on initiatives available on cvk website
The collection of signatures is organised by the initiative groups - associations. The certified signature pages shall be transferred to the relevant group of initiative and shall be performed by the person whose signature is certified.
Subscribe to the municipality of Rezekne may:

  1. The place of residence of the place of residence shall be performed by the declarant of the place of residence;
  2. Municipalities of parish counties shall be carried out by the parish management managers;
  3. The Orphan's Courts shall be performed by the chairpersons of the Orphan's Court, the Vice-Presidents and the members. It shall be observed that a signature in the Orphan's court may be certified if the voter has a declared place of residence in the territory of the relevant Orphan's court of the municipality of Rezekne!

As regards the other signatures, there is no link to the declared place of residence.
The right to subscribe is the right to vote for Latvian citizens from 18 years of age. At the time of signing, you must arrive with a valid personal identification document, passport or identity card. In accordance with the requirements of regulatory enactments, taking into account the real costs related to certification of signatures, the council of Rezekne has determined a fee of EUR 1.00 for certification of signatures at the places of declaration of the residence of the local government, in the Orphan's Courts, parish counties.
The instructions for collection of signatures “procedures for certifying the signatures of voters for initiation of laws” shall provide that, at the request of the voter, if it has a particularly important reason, the signature of the signatory may agree on the certification of the signature at the place of the voter.
Normative documents, as well as forms available on THE CVK website -

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