Notification of the extension of lease contracts for agricultural land


Lease of land

On the basis of the decisions of the municipality of Rezekne on the extension of the lease relationship, in accordance with the Rēzekne municipality council approved lease fee price list (Rēzekne Municipality Council Decision No 567 of 19 May 2022 (prot. No. 14, § 37) “on the approval of the price list of agricultural land leasing services in THE MUNICIPAL ownership or possession OF THE municipality IN THE parish of Viļānu association”), the following land lease agreements regarding agricultural land have been extended:

Date and No. of the decision of the municipality of RezekneDate and No of the lease contract to be extendedCadastre designation and area of the land unit (ha)Fixed rent EUR/year (excluding VAT)Duration of the lease contract
22.02.2023. lēmums Nr.RNP/2023/1.20/13303.04.2018. Līgums Nr.SP-2018/197890 003 0095 (1.00 ha)  87,98 EUR/gadā  Līdz 03.04.2029.
06.03.2023. lēmums Nr.RNP/2023/1.20/15029.01.2018. Līgums Nr.SP-2018/15 29.01.2018. Līgums Nr.SP-2018/16 02.05.2018. Līgums Nr.SP-2018/20  7890 003 0083 (3,50 ha)   7890 004 0318 (0,75 ha)   7890 002 0284 (1,30 ha)  307,93 EUR/gadā   65,99 EUR/gadā   114,38 EUR/gadā  Līdz 30.01.2029.
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