Public consultation on tree felling outside the forest in Ilzeskalna civil parish



In the unit “Nautrēnu parish administration” of the municipality of Rezekne, the unit “Ilzeskalna parish administration” has received multiple houses Liep Street 2, Ilzeskalns, Ilzeskalna parish, Rēzekne novj, submission of the population with a request to discard the four flames in the building. The trees are dangerous because there is a cavity in the tree trunk, all trees are partially dried and endanger the population, as well as the height of the trees, are dangerously close to the buildings. The dangerous trees shall be located on the land unit with cadastre No. 7858 005 0391. Six people have signed the submission - 2 residents of the flame street.

Oral requests from citizens have been received to steal trees in local government-owned cemeteries:

Soldiers' grave -2 (two) maples, trees are dangerous, their roots are raised by grave sets and partially dried, located on the ground with cadastre No. 7858 001 0119;

Gazelle grave - 8 (eight) lapegles, trees are dangerous because they are tilted to one side, broken tops, endangers of monuments, are located on land unit with cadastre No. 7858 002 0116.

Ilzeskalna parish administration announces the sawing of the oak and maple located on the property owned by the municipality “Raivi 3” (land units with cadastre No. 7858 005 0082), opposite the village pond. The maple closes the hole, the branches of trees leaning over the road, they are partially dead and endanger the population and transport movement through the national road v-593.

In view of the interests of the parish population, the parish administration asks citizens to express their views on the sawing or preservation of wood. The submissions and recommendations will be adopted from 25 January 2022 to 8 February 2022 by the unit “Ilzeskalna parish administration” of the municipality of Rezekne (Centre street 1, Ilzeskalns, Ilzeskalna civil parish, Rēzekne municipality), telephone 64644580, or e-mail:

After compilation of opinions, THE parish administration of Ilzeskalna will act in accordance with the binding regulations No. 91 of the municipality of Rezekne of 15 November 2012, regarding felling of trees outside the forest in Rēzekne municipality.

Cadastre designation of the land unit Tree speciesTree trunk diameter (cm)Number of

7858 005 0391
Ordinary Liep145; 86; 120; 1694
7858 001 0119Plain maple192; 1662
7858 005 0082Normal oak;
Plain maple
7858 002 0116Lapegle160; 162; 170; 115; 130; 126; 205; 1448
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