Public consultation on tree felling outside the forest IN Kaunatas civil parish



According to the municipality of Rēzekne municipality 03. 03. 2022. a binding Regulation No. 36 “on felling of trees outside the forest in Rēzekne municipality”, Sub-paragraph 15.2, the parish administration of Kaunatas announces the public consultation regarding 9 tree (osh) felling on the “Kaunatas People's House” of the municipal estate in Raznas Street 14, Kaunatā, Kaunatas parish, Rezekne nov., in the land unit with cadastre No. 7862 005 0508 – Kaunatas TN in the foreground, along Razna Street. Justification of tree felling: the landscape view of the village of the village of the village, looks unattractive, fertilised with moss and lichen. In the wet time, the fallen leaves interfere with the safety of pedestrians and road transport. The one-side tree row closes the grassland, forms a damp dendrological environment for grassland and underground communication. In place of felled trees, Kaunatas parish administration plans to planting flames. The recommendations will be adopted in the period from 10.03.2023 to 24.03.2023, telephone telephone. 64667000, e-mail:, personal or post: Kaunatas association, Raznas street 38, Kaunata, Kaunatas civil parish, Rēzekne municipality, LV-4622. Phone for reference 29224840.

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