The municipality of Strujan announces a public consultation on tree felling


The municipality of Rēzekne, the municipality of Stružana, declares that it is planned to carry out 100 (one hundred) trees in the village of Shergana – the sawing of birches in THE property of SIA “Elliss Holding” “masters”, with the aim of relieving the place for further development of the business. These trees grow in SIA “Elliss Holding” property “masters”: when. No: 78940020093.

A submission of SIA “Elliss Holding” was received for the felling of 100 trees (birch) in the municipality of Stružana parish.

Please submit your proposals and applications to the municipality of Rēzekne municipality in the municipality of Struijan parish (Peace Street 14a, Snižana civil parish, Sherjans, Rēzekne municipality, LV4643) at the parish administration head from 18 January 2018 until 31 January 2018. Tel. 64667552, 20211133 or e-mail

Public consultation is carried out in accordance with the binding Regulation No 91 of the municipality of Rēzekne of 15 November 2012 on tree felling outside the forest in Rēzekne municipality.


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