Dambread club “Malta”

Contact: t. 64621175
Lesson takes place: Maltā

The checker club “Malta” was registered at the Latvian Ministry of Justice on 14 March 1994. A 15-year anniversary was celebrated in 2009. “Malta” is currently the oldest checker club in Latvia. It mainly works with young people from three Maltas schools and is directly subject TO Maltas for children and young people. The president of a long-time checker club has been Donate Kondrov (22.07.1932 –16.03 .2023). The club organizes a checker race not only IN Maltā but also in other parts of Rezekne and Latgale. Co-operates with the Daugavpils City, Preiles, Livans and Viļānu checkers. Three checkers are organized: a symmetry or international, Russian (64) and Polish-Brazilian (64) checkers. Latvian youth championships are held annually under the leadership of the club.

The first Latgale youth champion was Sergei Selaakov from Maltas. There have been Aivars Naglis, Ainars Romanuks, Sergei Suharevskis, Guntis Shun, Alexander Kozlov, Juris Dombrovskis, Normunds Anchupāns, Valdis Puķiznis, Aigars Runchis, Valdis Melders, Raivis Vasilevskis, Igors Cvetkov.

Girls from the checker club “Malta” have also been Latgale youth champions. These are Inta Livdāne, Inese cible (Babre), Ligita ants (Grite), Ilona Smith, Christine Oļshevska, Olga Smirnova, ina Jansone and Inese Krasutina. Latvian champions have been members of the club Artemis Svecs, Anita Kjarkuze and Nikita Jaug. The club's honorary members are Victor Kancans (d.), Zoja Golubeva, Guntis Valneris, Igors Sorocins, Ligita and Ilgvars Gritans, Donate Kondrov.

The club regularly participates in the events organised by the Rēzekne municipality - youth sports school. Every year in May, the club organizes the open championship of Rēzekne in a 100-field checklist dedicated to Andra Andreiko. The last Saturday of June is dedicated to Erikam Pizāne. In the last decade of July, the club organizes the prize of Donate Kondrova. They are invited to checkers - former and current students of Donate Kondrova. Latgale youth championships are often organised and run by the checker club “Malta”.

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