Address: Liep street 2C, Viļāni, Rezekne municipality, LV-4650
Board Member Andrejs Daugerts 26171835,
main Accountant Svetlana Skačkova 27060501,
economist Gita Kozlova 26135252
lawyer Agita Betlere 646 62756
node Aija Klauča 646 62756
cabin overdose Janina Gribuste 29326889
Machine engineer Oskars Šarkovskis 29427755

Name, registration number

SIA “Vilanu housekeeper”
Registration No 52403003451

Legal address

Liep street 2C, Viļāni, Rezekne municipality, Latvia

Home page address of the capital company

Amount of equity capital:

EUR 1 270 897

General strategic objectives, information regarding the activities of the capital company and commercial activities

The activity of the company is related to the extraction, treatment and supply of water; waste water collection and treatment; sanitation and other waste management services; maintenance and operation activities of buildings in the administrative territory OF THE Rēzekne municipality.

Medium-term operational strategy of SIA “VILNIUS NAMESAR” 2021-2023 

Results of the implementation of the financial objectives and non-financial objectives of the capital company

Contributions paid to the local government budget


In 2020

Information regarding the financing of the local government budget received and the utilisation thereof

05.05.2021 — Increase in equity capital of EUR 6170,00
22.05.2020: Increase in fixed capital of EUR 60 000,00
13.08.2019 — Increase in equity capital of EUR 21 000,00

Reports drawn up by a capital company (unverified)


Annual accounts audited by the sworn auditor


Information on the structure of the property

100% amount of municipal participation

Organisational structure information

A representative of the capital shares of a derived public person in a capital company – executive director of the municipality of Rezekne Janis Troška.

Information on the amount and recipients of each donation (donation) received and carried out


Procurement information


Other relevant information



Contract for the management of residential houses and parts thereof with SIA “VILNIUS HOUSEKEEPER” on the management of residential houses and land parcels attached thereto.

Agreement on the provision of water-holding services IN THE administrative territory OF THE 1 TP5T association.

Member of the Board

Andrejs Daugerts

Information regarding meetings of shareholders of capital company, agenda and decisions







Principles of remuneration policy and information on the remuneration of a member of the board of directors

Remuneration of a member of the board of directors – EUR 800

Remuneration policy: none.


Compliance of a derived public person with the conditions of the law and the overall strategic objective:

SIA “VILNIUS HOUSEKEEPER” provides the population of THE Viļānu association, institutions and organisations with utilities (water abstraction, preparation and supply to consumers) and sewerage (waste water collection and recycling), as well as the management of the municipal housing stock.

Strategy for donation (donation) of capital company and procedures for donation (gifts)

Capital company does not donate or donate

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