Advisory Council of Operators

The Consultative Council of the Rēzekne municipality is formed after the initiative of the municipality of Rezekne and local entrepreneurs with the aim of promoting the development of the business environment in the municipality. The Council is an active group of people who represent the interests of entrepreneurs in the municipality and operate on a voluntary basis in a public way, as well as serving as a public opinion-making tool.

Composition of the Consultative Council of the Rēzekne municipality

Name, SurnameScope
1. Aivars Bernan, z/s “golden”Agriculture
2. Janis Kuprinski, association “Latgale Pilot”Tourism
3. Ligita Harčevska, Rēzekne District managerTourism
4. Anastasia Saleniece, Rezekne municipality councilAgriculture
5. Janis Kuzminsky, z/s “Typtops”Wood processing
6. Veneranda Stramkale, Head of SIA “Latgale Agricultural Science Centre”Education and science
7. Iveta Mietulerector of the Rēzekne Technology AcademyEducation and science
8. Jānis Troška, Executive Director of the municipality of RezekneLocal government
9. Elman Pizane, Vice-Chairman of the Rēzekne District CouncilLocal government
10. Peteris Karaceyev, SIA “joint work”
11. Janis Macan, z/s “fishermen”
12. Anna Jared, Rezekne head of the Local Government Development Planning UnitLocal government
13. Ginta Kalvāne, a/s “Nagļi”Fish farming
14. Zinaid Schulberg, Executive Director of SIA Balwill EASTFlax
15. Janis Batars, z/s “Ezermala”Fruit-growing
16. Inta Nagle, Head of THE LLCC Rēzekne DivisionBusiness support
17. Sandra Bordermanager of the P/i “Rēzekne Special Economic Zone Administration”Business support

Inviting Rezekne Municipality and business Support Providers participate in the Consultative Council of the Rēzekne District Operators, having previously contacted the President of the Council Aivars Bernan (tel. 29425464) and by telling a broad range of businessmen the question to be seen at the Council meeting.

Minutes of meetings of the Economic Operators Advisory Council

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