Rezekne municipality services

National and municipal customer service centers (VPVKAC)

Place of residence

Residence, buying and selling

Rights of a Person

Submission to the municipality, consultations, information about the person, personal status, public consultations


Tirdzniecība, atļaujas, licences, saskaņojumi, publisku pasākumu organizēšana

Real estate and taxes

General information on existing real estate or land unit


Rēzekne municipality council services; construction information system (BIS)

Social services

Benefits; social assistance; social care; social services


Registry Services, Issuing of Acts, Permits and Documents, Organisation of ceremonies


Education in Rezekne municipality; education of interest; pre-school; home training; pedagogical medical Commission

Environment and tourism

Permits for fishing, reservoirs of water bodies; allocation of fishing limits; felling of trees outside the forest area


Parish services provided by civil parish

E-address and eSignature

eSignature options. What is E-mail?

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