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The municipality of Rezekne is located in the eastern part of Latvia, in the middle of Latgale, near the Latvian state and also the eastern border of the entire European Union with Russia and Belarus. Riga - Moscow, St Petersburg – Warsaw, as well as international rail motorways in these same directions.

Rēzekne municipality is 28 civil parish: Audrina, Berzgales, Chornajah, Decreres, Dricana, Feimaa, Gaigalava, Griškana, Ilzeskalna, Cantalo, Kaunas, Lendes, Luznava, Maltese, Cloud, Nautre, Nagles, Ozolaine, Ozolmuiža, foam, Rikava, Signagala, Silmalas, Sokolku, Stalerova, Struijan, Sokolku, Vilnius parish, and the city of Vilnius. On January 1, 2019, four municipalities of the municipality of Rezekne were formed - parish associations: the Dricānu parish association, the Kaunatas parish association, the Maltese parish association, the Nautre parish association. On July 1, 2021, after administrative territorial reform, when the municipality of Rezekne was merged with Vilnius Municipality, parish associations were renamed as associations of associations and the Fifth Association Board was established - the Board of Vilnius Alliance.

The total area of the Rezekne municipality is 1683,3 km2and live in the territory of the municipality 28 934 the iedzīvotāji (Central Statistical Bureau data on 1 January 2021). 

The administrative building of the municipality is located in the city of Rezekne, in the Alleys of Liberation 95 a. Phone: 64622238, e-mail: info@rezeknesnovads.lv.

The working time of the municipality of Rezekne is 8.00 – 16.30.

Rēzekne municipality council consists of 19 Members. The Members shall be elected by the citizens. The elections of the council shall be held every four years. The council represents the interests of the population at local and national level. The council shall be chaired by the Chairman and his or her deputy. They shall be elected, by means of an open vote, from Members to the term of office of the Council. Decisions shall be taken at the meetings of the Council, which shall be held openly, every second Thursday. 

In order to ensure the functioning of the Council and to examine the draft decisions, the Permanent Committees of Members and the Commission are set up.

The execution of decisions taken by the council shall be ensured by the administration of the municipality of Rezekne, which is managed by the Executive Director, who has one deputy. 

Rēzekne Municipalities Tourism Information Centre located at Luznava Manor, Castle Street 8, Luznava civil parish, telephone number +371 28686863, 371 63161616. 




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