Luban Lake Secrets

Luban Lake

Luban - Latvia's largest lake Luban Lake with a total area of 80 '2 ha is the largest lake of Latvia.

Gaigalava and Nagu parish, Rēzekne municipality

Teirumnīku swamp trail

The Turumnieki swamp, located between Luban and Orena ponds, is built around an 800 m long trail through which i can

Teirumniki, Nagu civil parish, Rezekne municipality

Salas swamp

Pre-login! Description of the hiking route: do not find lakes in the swamp of the island, or akachs, but

Gaigalavas civil parish


Tourism services of fishermen “fishermen”: accommodation in a well-equipped rural house, sauna in house mandarin, recreational

Zvejnieki, Īdeņa, Nagu civil parish, Rezekne municipality

Holiday house “Birzes”

The holiday house is located near Luban Lake. Here, the sight of all sides closes only the waters and the bird.

Kvāpāni, Gaigalavas civil parish, Rezekne municipality

Cafe, shop "Pērtnieku Gardumi"

In the store, you can purchase the products produced by “Peart gardage” - fish and meat products, shashmate, self-cooked m

Latgale River Bay, Subinaite, Sakstagala civil parish, Rezekne municipality

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