Municipality of Latgale

Rēzekne municipality map

The municipality of Rezekne contains 28 parish and Vilani town

Area - 2809.12 km2

Rezekne municipality is located in the middle of Latgale. Its largest part is located at Latgale highland, its northern and north-west slopes. The western part is located at Vidusdaugava lowland and the plain of Luban, while the north is slightly below the elevation of North Latgale.

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About the municipality

Video card of the Rezekne municipality, created in 2022

Iedzīvotāju skaits – 30 276 [Avots: PMLP, dati uz 01.01.2023.]

The municipality of Rezekne is located near the Latvian state and also the eastern border of the entire European Union with Russia and Belarus, which opens up a wide range of potential cooperation in all areas. Riga - Moscow, St Petersburg – Warsaw, as well as international highways of international significance in these same directions, which provide a convenient transit corridor status to the area.

The picturesque nature, cultural and natural objects are a good prerequisite for tourism development. The Latvian tourism companies are not only offered to rest on the waters, but also to familiarise themselves with cultural historical wealth, visit festivals and enjoy the specific culinary heritage of Latgale, feel the special magic of the Latgalian language and hospitality.

Rezekne municipality is one of the richest provinces in Latvia with cultural monuments. The list of cultural monuments in the National Register of Protected Cultural Monuments includes the cultural monuments in the municipality of Rezekne.

The municipality of Rēzekne may also be proud of intangible cultural values — artistic self-activities, masters, talented and non-prescriptive personalities.

The largest industrial enterprises are RSEZ SIA “Verems” in Vērēmi parish, RSEZ SIA “LEAX Rezekne” in Ozolaine parish. IN the agricultural sphere, SIA “Sprudzeva M” is active in the parish of Griškani. “Vilļāni breeding and experimental station” (crop and livestock production, electricity generation and electricity trade, established Viļāni biogas cogeneration station), AS “animal testing station Latgale” (cropping and livestock farming, dairy farming, vegetables, horticulture, agricultural services, hunting, forestry, preparation of timber, research and experimentation in natural sciences and technical sciences), Agricultural service cooperative society “Viļāni” (wholesale trade services of dairy products, eggs, edible oils and fats).

A video for the Rēzekne District was created in 2017
A video for the Rēzekne municipality was created in 2008
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