Building Department

Building department of the municipality of Rēzekne region

Address: No 2024. gada 1. janvāra Rēzeknes novada būvvalde atrodas: “Lazdas”, Balbiši, Ozolaines pagasts, Rēzeknes novads – Maltas apvienības pārvaldes Ozolaines pagasta teritoriālās vienības ēkas 2. stāvā.


Reception time:

Wednesday: 8.00-11.45; 12.15-16.30
Thursday: 8.00-11.45; 12.15-16.30

With effect from 1 January 2020, the administrative process of construction commences only electronically in the construction information system at (BIS) – it is determined by Section 21 of the Transitional Provisions of the Construction Law.

As from 1 January 2020, all new construction plans will be able to commence only BIS: to submit construction plans, receive technical regulations, receive communication from communication-holders and other necessary information, receive information and acts regarding acceptance into service.

The entire construction intention documentation, which has so far been submitted and harmonised in paper format, will be able to be completed after the previous order, while historical projects Construction Law No digitisation is required for municipalities.

By USING BIS, documents will no longer be required to be submitted to the building authority for harmonisation. This will be done electronically in the future without leaving the house or office. In addition, in this system, everyone will be able to follow the construction process, when the designer is registered on the building board when agreed when accepted. In the construction information system you can use the chat function to ask questions and receive answers in the system.

To start using the construction information system, anyone can enter THE public portal (BISP) and use one of the following options to connect to the use of electronic services:

  • the top half contains the E-services in which you can connect to the use of electronic services;
  • in the upper right corner, you can connect to the account in which you can connect to your account.

Authorized by any means of identification offered by the portal “'(e.g., internetbank, eID card).

After authorization, BISP portal under “USER GUIDEa video guide is available to help you get a building permit or another document related to the construction process by step by step.

The following materials are also available:

Information video on THE BIS website:
Telephone number 62004010 of the user support service.

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