Education and sports in Rezekne municipality

36 educational institutions and their departments are active in the territory of Rezekne, which provides an opportunity to receive pre-school, general, special, vocational, professional orientation and interest education. The total number of educational programmes offered is 28. There is a relatively small number of students in educational institutions, so it is possible to devote resources to research and support for growth of each pupil.

Rezekne municipality:

- 14 general schools: 7 primary schools, 6 secondary schools, 1 special primary school
- three schools have units,
- 13 pre-school educational institutions,
- 5 places of implementation of pre-school programmes,
- 7 schools are pre-school groups,
- 1 child and youth sports school;
- 1 children's music school in Malta;

- 1 children's music and art school in Viļānu
- 1 children's art school in Nautrens (Ludza J. Soikāns Children's Art School branch);
- 3 Secondary School of Art and Design of Rezekne: Sakstagals Basic School, Gigalava Basic School and Kaunata High School.

The municipality of the municipality in Rezekne is located in Rēzekne Educational administration. There is also an education support centre, where teachers, parents and children can receive special teacher, logoped, psychologist and social teacher advice on education and development issues of children and young people.

A pedagogical medical Commission has been established in the municipality (By-laws), who carry out a pedagogical psychological examination of individual pupils in order to assess the child's abilities and provide an opinion on the recommended educational programme. The Commission shall also take decisions on the exemption of pupils from national examinations, determine home training.


The lessons in class 1 were started by 207 (2021-179, 2020-160), (2019 – 153) children, and in class 10, 95 young people (2021-101, 2020-88), (2019 – 101). Number of secondary schools – 292

Children of pre-school age: 2022 - 1097 (2021 - 1119, 2020 - 896) (2019-931), of which 5-6 years of age - 453    

Children shall be taken from the age of 1.5 years in the pre-school educational institution. In special cases from 1 year of age.

The number of educatees in the municipality of Rezekne shall be conducted by local government pre-school educational institutions and schools in which pre-school education programmes are implemented, to 1 September 2022:

Name of the institution Number of
Audrinu PII23
Dricani PII31
Gaigalava PII48
Griškani PII “Sprīdītis”105
Kaunatas PII “Zvaniņš”72
Maltese PII “Dzīpariņš”105
Nautreni PII “Vālodzīte”99
Ozolaine PII “Jāņtārpiņš”92
Silmala PII66
Sherjan PII “bell”46
Uļjanovas PII “Skudriņa”48
Vilani City PII122
Vilnius parish PII “Bitīte”91
Dekšāri Secondary School8
Feimaņi primary school21
Gaigalava primary school12
Rēznas primary school19
Special elementary school of Rēzekne municipality7
Tiskādu primary school7
Verēmi Primary School74
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