Real estate tax

THE NIS payer may be acquainted with the documents of the municipality of Rēzekne in the Land Administration Service, the Liberation Alliance 95A, Rezekne, the 36 th Bureau. Information phone +371 64607188.

Apply for electronic real estate tax notifications!

The municipality of Rezekne calls on the local government to be responsive and register for the receipt of real estate tax payments electronically, helping to save both local government budgets and more environmentally friendly.

At present, electronic transmission of payment notices to taxpayers of real estate is provided by the local government in two ways – e-mail and e-mail.

To log in for payment notification in e-mail:

  • the owner of the real estate authenticate in the portal using the internetbank or electronic signature tool;
  • in the “Real estate” section, “E-mail and SMS application” must indicate the local government, e-mail address, mobile phone number. If you specify a phone number, you can apply for reminders about the approaching of the pay period.
  • confirm the correct email address by opening the link in the email address confirmation notification.

If there is no electronic authentication means, an application for electronic payment notification may be submitted to the local government administration of Rezekne or in any of the parish administrations.

Should be taken into account!

  • If the relevant real estate taxpayer owns properties in different municipalities, each of them will have to submit a separate submission.
  • For the specified e-mail address, payment notifications will be sent until the taxpayer withdraws this submission, or a new submission will not indicate another e-mail address or another form of notification.

To receive a notice of payment of real estate tax in e-mail:

Should be taken into account!

  • The payment notifications prepared by all municipalities will automatically be sent to e-mail for taxable persons with an e-address.
  • The e-address is the primary channel of official communication with state and local government institutions, so after activation of e-address, the mutual communication with state and local government institutions will take place in e-mail. This means that both national and local authorities will continue to be obliged to send information and documents to the activated e-address and the e-address activator will be obliged to communicate with the national and local authorities in e-mail.


As from 1 January 2023, the use of e-address for companies and other entities established in registers will be: mandatory, thus practically excluding the transmission of payment notices addressed to this group in an envelope. The local government therefore calls on entrepreneurs not to delay the activation of e-mail in order to receive real estate tax notices on their properties in a timely and smooth manner.

There are questions about real estate tax!

We are invited to contact the tax administration of the municipality of Rezekne by teller. 64607188, 28668496, e-mail:, on-site customer acceptance days (Monday and Wednesday) 8.00 to 16.00) Rēzekne municipality in the municipal council building, release alley 95A, 3 rd floor, 36 th office.

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