The Orphan's Court

As from 1 January 2022, the Orphan's Court of Latvia, the Malta Orphan's Court and the Orphan's Court of Viļāni shall be reorganised and a new institution shall be commenced instead: Rēzekne District Court (background: Decision No 75 of the Rēzekne District Council of 4 November 2021 (Protocol No 6, § 9)). The work of the Rēzekne District Court shall be performed throughout the territory of Rezekne District.

The Orphan's Court shall organise the acceptance of the population on the spot, taking into account the epidemiological safety requirements. First, the Orphan's court shall ensure the adoption of an unplanned presence if they are related to the protection of essential interests or rights of children and persons under trusteeship, while the expected meetings shall be organised after prior notice.

The acceptance of documents and submissions shall take place on the spot for those who do not have the opportunity to send them electronically or by post. It is possible to insert the documents addressed to the Orphan's court in the mailbox at the municipal county building.


Regulations of the Orphan's Court

Latvijas Bāriņtiesu darbinieku Ētikas kodekss (12.04.2023.)

Legal address

Krasuhas street 1A, k-1, Audrini, Audrinu civil parish, Rezekne municipality, LV-4611



20228847, 64640644

Chairperson of the Orphan's Court

Daina Igaune
Tel. 20246111

Vice-President of the Orphan's Court

Mārīte Ikauniece
Tel. 22386435, 64628034

Member of the Orphan's Court

Daina Rivča
Tel. 27813877
E-mail Dina. Rivca@rezeknesnovads. lv

Member of the Orphan's Court

Svetlana Kučere
Tel. 27351969
E-mail Svetlana.kucere@rezeknesnovads. lv

Member of the Orphan's Court

Daina Bule
Tālr. 26143838
E-mail Dina. Bule@rezeknesnovads. lv

Member of the Orphan's Court

Jeļena Filimonova
Tālr. 29110985
E-pasts Jelena.Filimonova@rezeknesnovads. lv

Member of the Orphan's Court

Alla Smirnova
Tālr. 29929229
E-pasts Alla.Smirnova@rezeknesnovads. lv

Member of the Orphan's Court

Iveta Reble
Tālr. 26167945
E-pasts Iveta.Reble@rezeknesnovads. lv

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