Multi-functional social service centre “Vecružina”

Multi-functional social service centre “Vecružina”


The municipality of Rezekne is a local government institution “Vecružina” (“Vecružina”) is an institution established and subordinated by the municipality of Rezekne, headed by a director appointed by the municipality of Rezekne.

THE purpose of THE DSPC “Vecružina” is to provide the municipalities of the municipality of Rezekne, as well as, where appropriate, the administrative territory of other municipalities, the necessary long-term and temporary social care services, including rehabilitation, employment opportunities, promotion of physical and intellectual development, self-determination and integration into society.

The multifunctional social service centre “Vecružina” provides the following services:

“Dienas aprūpes Center” the task is to ensure the development of social skills, education and leisure opportunities in children with functional disorders during the day. The recipients of the service are provided with supervision, individual support, self-care assistance, consultation of various specialists.

“Moment of breath” provides children with functional disabilities living in families, aged between 2 and 18 years of age, temporary social care and social rehabilitation in order to be congested for a certain period of time in families and their nationals, by entrusting child care to professionals. In accordance with the laws and regulations, the service shall be provided for 30 (thirty) days per year.

“Social rehabilitation” provides rehabilitation for children with functional disorders. The aim of social rehabilitation is to maintain or improve the functional capacity of persons (self-care, mobility and the performance of domestic activities).

“Specialised workshop” the main task is to ensure the employability of adult persons with functional disabilities in the day, the promotion of physical and intellectual development, the possibility of self-determination and integration into public life, supporting families who maintain and care for such persons themselves.

“Half-way house” the task is to provide temporary social rehabilitation services to adult persons with functional disorders (which do not need to be located in special permanent social care institutions) in order to acquire skills for self-living or living in a group house (apartment), as well as the ability to integrate into society.

“Long-term social care and social rehabilitation” in the institution for children in orphans and children of parental care aged 2 to 18 years. The task of the service is to provide social care, the acquisition of appropriate education, health care, the acquisition of social skills, as well as the reunification of the child and the family or the acquisition of a new family.

“Krīzes Center” the task is to provide social and psychological assistance to minors in crisis situations, minors with children and minors in a crisis situation.

The provision OF the service TO DSPC “Vecružina” shall be provided by professional specialists, including social worker, psychologist, social carers with appropriate education and knowledge in the field of social care, nurses of practitioners registered in the nurse register, carers with knowledge in the care work, as well as other specialists in conformity with the requirements laid down in the profession classifier and in accordance with the approved position description. The recipients of the service are provided with full catering under the supervision of a certified dietary nurse.

Contact information

Director: Liana Teirumnieks

Phone: Director 29996631; node 64646135.

Legal address OF DSPC “Vecružina”: lake street 23 A, Vecružina, Silmalas parish, Rezekne nov., LV-4636



DSPC “Vecružina” reg. No: 90000078104;

Current account: current account: LV43TREL980257003900B, reg. No: 90009112679 Rēzekne municipality, DSPC “Vecružina”

Donation account: donation account: LV85TREL980257005200B, reg. No: 90009112679 Rēzekne municipality, DSPC “Vecružina”

By-laws of the Centre

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