Ancient trades and homemakers


I have been operating the farm "SLĀŅU LABUMI" for 8 years, but I have been engaged in food production for less than a year. Basically, products of health value are created from goat's milk and quinces grown by themselves.

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Viļāni market

Short description: rural benefits, organic farming, artisanal products and other goods. For many years, and the boys!

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"Puordare", Creative country farm "Leiceiši"

“Puordare” (LV Transaction) vision is to promote waste reduction in our daily life by offering recicletes (recycled

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Potters Staņislavs Viļums and Viola Anna Bīriņa

In the pottery “Cukrasata” works by ancient traditions, there are authentic working conditions in a modern environment. Dishes

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Potter Viktors Ušpelis

The workshop is located in Rēzekne - Dagda's immediate vicinity, near the city of Rezekne. Formulae-specific forms, k

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Potter Andris Ušpelis

Andris Ušpelis is the youngest representative of the Ušpeli family of ceramicists. He started to learn the basics of ceramics in the workshop of his father, an outstanding ceramic master of Latgale, Pēteris Ušpelis. The potter cultivates the sense of form, color, decoration and style characteristic of Silajāņu ceramics.

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