Ancient trades and homemakers

Raimonda Vāveran Touch Workshop

In the workshop, you can learn how to work with the tin once, 150 years ago and over the period to today. In the

Forest street 10, Gaigalava, Rezekne municipality

Vilani market

Short description: rural benefits, organic farming, artisanal products and other goods. For many years, and the boys!

Freedom Street 23, Viļāni, Rezekne municipality

"Puordare", Creative country farm "Leiceiši"

“Puordare” (LV Transaction) vision is to promote waste reduction in our daily life by offering recicletes (recycled

Leiceiši, Češļi, Dricani civil parish, Rezekne municipality, LV-4615

Potters Stanislavs Viļums and Viola Anna Bīrina

In the pottery “Cukrasata” works by ancient traditions, there are authentic working conditions in a modern environment. Dishes

Bekši, Ozolaine civil parish

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