Tent places


A well-equipped rural house on the shore of a picturesque Rushon lake. Perfect place for a family with children or a small dog

Seksti, Feimau civil parish, Rezekne municipality, LV 4623

“Priedītes” (Pine trees)

A well-equipped holiday house at the edge of the Rēzekne River, near the road Riga – Rezekne. Living room with Kami

"Priedites", Kraupeļi, Sakstagala Parish, Rēzekne municipality


Tent places. Recreational place, boat rental, campfire site, children's playground, bathing site, purchase of Souvenirs. Visiting

Parka street 1, Pusha, Pusha parish, Rēzekne municipality


We offer tent sites and it is also possible to rent the tents themselves. Bike rental. Organization of sports events.

Kabata, Žogoti, Ilzeskalna civil parish, Rezekne municipality

Recreational area “adhesive eyes”

The place of rest is located at Lake Partova. It is exclusive to its own silence and a place to be without neighbors

Carpenter, Kaunatas civil parish, Rezekne municipality, LV - 4616


Stops for boatmen and tent places. The Spruuktu water reservoir is offered a tent, fishing, bathing site.

River, Golenti, Chornajas parish, Rezekne novj, Latvia, LV-4617

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