Big linden hill

Big flame mountain (289.3 m.v.j.l.) is Latgale highest and Latvia's third highest peak, (second by relative high

Dzierkaļi, Kaunata parish, Rēzekne municipality, Razna National Park

Teirumnīku swamp trail

The Turumnieki swamp, located between Luban and Orena ponds, is built around an 800 m long trail through which i can

Teirumniki, Nagu civil parish, Rezekne municipality

Salas swamp

Pre-login! Description of the hiking route: do not find lakes in the swamp of the island, or akachs, but

Gaigalavas civil parish

Anchupani Viewer Tower

Take up the 121 step closer to the sky and evaluate the magnificent Rēzekne municipality and the city landscape – this possibility is Anchupan

Pridenoji, Kolna Ančupāni, Veremi parish, Rēzekne municipality

Stone trail

4 significant arable stones are seen in the stone trail. Stendi at the edge of the trail story of the ecosystem in the surrounding area - bebraines, pes

Jaunstašuļi, Makoņkalns parish, Rēzekne municipality, Razna National Park.

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