Potter Aivars Ušpelis and painter Vēsma Ušpele

Visitors to the workshop can see the creation of ceramics from turning to firing in a wood-fired kiln.

A colorite field with a pottery workshop and a housework painting, a survey of antiques. The detective craftsman is one of Tradicionalūs Zineibu Tureituoju bīdreibys „Pūdnīku skūla”podiers and uses the knowledge of ancestors in his work. He works with his spouse, the painting Vēsma Ušpele. Workshop visitors can see ceramic making from boiling to burn in wood. Examination of the exhibition of artist works, acquisition of works. The possibility of operating themselves. The collection of ancient iron and farmhouse items collected in the neighborhood is also covered.
Aivars Ušpelis pays great attention to the research and preservation of traditional clay processing techniques, uses human and environmentally friendly technology and seeks to raise the prestige of craftsmen by organising exhibitions as well as through various projects. In the past three years, it is particularly actively promoted in a blessing, or so-called smoke, also black ceramics, thus expanding the preference for Latgale ceramics and ceramics in general, which is often restricted to the knowledge of glazed products. The principles of the members of the group are based on the knowledge that the artist must learn from the fact that a traditional potting product can only be called the one in which the ancient technology is preserved, where high masterness is based on smart restraint, simple beauty and practicality.

Address Dzyndri, Garkalni, Maltas pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.326175; 27.115910
Phone +371 29466372
E-mail puudniiks@inbox.lv
Homepage www.pudnikuskula.viss.lv
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