Lifelong learning

Lifelong learning, in which everyone is offered the opportunity to learn, acquire new skills and supplement their skills throughout their lives, is introduced in Rezekne municipality by implementing projects and collaborating with partners.

The population of Rezekne District may be involved in various adult education programmes by public institutions, higher education institutions, vocational educational institutions and general educational institutions, as well as non-formal education activities provided by libraries, schools and cultural/people's homes.

The most active partners are:

RTA Lifelong Learning Centre

  • offer vocational secondary education and non-formal education in accordance with labour market requirements and private interests;
  • draw up order programmes at the request of employers;
  • develop high-quality e-learning environments and distance learning opportunities.

Learning center BUT

  • providing formal and non-formal education services to enterprises and natural persons
  • respect the changing requirements and expectations of customers in the quality assurance of training services

State Employment Agency Rēzekne Branch

The opportunities for the development of a wide range of competences for every person involved in the labour market shall be given by the European Union funds' programme “growth and employment” 8.4.1. “to improve the professional competence of employed persons” in the European Social Fund project No. “Improving the professional competence of employed persons”

Contact information

Elita Opincāne
The Department of Education and Sport of Rezekne,

pedagogical methodological work and lifelong learning specialist
Phone: 29443013



Application for training for adults for the acquisition of digital skills extended to 24 April

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