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In the graphic article, OUR DEBIT HALF philosophy is based on the municipality as an administrative-geographical area with its own
PAST AND FUTURE. The article is an ornamental version of the map - a network of grubbing fields, rivers and roads surrounded by
populated areas. This open and unrestricted structure combines symbolically the cultural heritage of the past; and
the perspective of growth.


The article is created from points and lines on a graphic network basis.
The basis of the article is the structure of the points patrolled from THE support of the wolf design of THE 1 TP36T 19 th century.
axes, symbolizing the foundation of our lives – history and cultural heritage.

Connecting points with line-knees to a stylised mother plate (mounting plate in complex electronic systems),
which symbolizes the direction of the development of the municipality – to organise and administer processes with professional human and modern
technology aid through sustainable growth. The appearance of the mother's plate is comparable with the satellite-based satellite cards,
who call the idea of OUR DEBIT SIDE.

In contrast, there is a graphic version of the stylised mother plate memory unit in the middle of the article. It refers to the administrative and
the organising centre.

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