Home wine “Dzimtas”

The home wine "Dzimtas"of the family in Nagļos offers garden viewing, picnic location, wine tasting, purchase. Relaxing recreation in nature.
Relaxing rest in nature for the whole family in the place of an old Lubāna fishing family's house in the shade of pines and apple trees. With a chorus of frogs, birdsong, four anthills, a collection of berries and... the smells and tastes of Latgale...
The guests are taken from May to September (including) with prior login.

Address Nagļi, Nagļu pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.6958639; 26.9279045
Phone +371 28659815
E-mail igaune.marta@gmail.com
Homepage www.dzimtasvins.lv
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