Tourism information

Rezekne District Tourism Information Centre

Rēzekne District Tourism Information Centre is located on the first floor of Luznava Manor and offers: free tourism infor

Castle Street 8, Luznava, Luznava civil parish, Rezekne municipality (premises of Luznava Manor)

Water center “Bāka”

Two stalls with tourism information on Rēzekne municipality and Luban Lake are installed in the beacon area of the centre of water.

Kvāpāni, Gaigalavas civil parish, Rezekne municipality

Rezekne Tourism Information Centre

The Centre offers: free tourism information and printed materials on the city of Rezekne, the municipality, and

Shore Street 31, Rezekne

Tourist information point of Nagli parish

Nagļu parish tourism information point is located in fishermen “fishermen” where free tourism can be obtained

“Fishermen”, Idean, Nagu civil parish, Rezekne municipality, Latvia

Tourist Information Point of Ozolmuiža Parish

The tourist information point of the Ozolmuiža parish is located in the territory of the Horse of Horse, where a stand is installed with info

Water 1, Spundžāni, Ozolmuiža parish, Rezekne municipality

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