Business project contest

Purpose of the tender it is inspiring for active action and supporting initiatives that are in line with the basic principles of sustainable business, ensuring the creation of new jobs, innovative, increased added value products and services that promote the development or diversification of new or existing economic activities. 
The competition takes place once a year, where project applicants have the opportunity to receive funding, which is not more than EUR 5 000.00 (five thousand euros, 00 cents), a cooperative society - by 10 000.00 (ten thousand euros, 00 cents).
Additional funding for environmental availability (extension of door openings, toilet adaptation, ramps) may be requested, which is not more than EUR 2 000.00 (two thousand euros, 00 cents).
Projekta iesniedzējs nodrošina līdzfinansējumu, ne mazāku kā 20% no projekta granta summas.
For more information on the progress of the project competition, see the regulation that will be added with the announcement of the new project competition.
Sīkāka informācija rakstot - Attīstības plānošanas nodaļas uzņēmējdarbības attīstības speciālists

Business project contest.



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