Rēzekne District Anthem

In spring 2011, poets and composers were invited to participate in the competition “Rēzekne District Anthem” to promote the unity and visibility of Rezekne District. The competition jury searched for a musical songs with positive, memorable text related to the Rēzekne municipality. Following the evaluation of the work carried out, the “anthem” of the Normunda eel was recognised as the best.

On July 21, 2012, during the celebration of the Day of Rezekne, the author of the sound, along with the counselors of the municipality, performed the anthem of the anthem.

Normunds Zušs told him that the song was about the feelings of every Patriot of Rezekne, thinking about his mother's side, but in the words of the song he tried to tell me about the places that characterized the municipality.

In August 2012, the anthem was recorded in an Ata Auzan audio recording studio in both solo, Cora and acoustic versions, so that it can be celebrated in a solemn fashion.

Himna dzimtajam novadam

(words and music Normunds Zušs)

Listen to what the wind is telling you,
The valleys that the gray birch shave.
Listen to how the sunset sings
Our song that Makoņkalns is singing.

Look at your hands!
Our homeland candles grow.
The soul draws warmth from them.
The candles in the flame, each in the heart.

In the home of my home,
Where the woods are in the wind, where the birds are nested.
Through hundreds of years,
There is a song in the father's language.

The sentencing paths were gone,
On the shore of Razna, once a fire Kurt.
The gray-haired mother's songs
The fate of our future.

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