What's happening in Razna Lake?

In response to events due to the massive death of fish in Razna Lake, an emergency of the Committee on Economic Development of Rēzekne was held.

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As a result of the lack of oxygen in Razna lakes, fish are killed

Dead fish are found in the coastal zone of Razna Lake - wedges and eels. Employees of the National Security Administration Latgale Regional Administration (Administration) carried out territories

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Environmental improvement works started in Razna Lake

The Nature Protection Administration (Administration) project for restoration of habitats and species habitats in Razna Lake has started works to reduce the coastal zone of lake with

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Eel juveniles placed in Razna Lake

On August 24, “Razna Lake – Man and Natural” in Razna Lake Tiles Gulf included eel juveniles. Razna Lake fish resource

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