Recreational assemblies, guest houses


The guest house “Renaissance” offers his guests a comfortable accommodation with an elegant interior, a large banquet grass (Li

Lakes, Putrites, Čornajas civil parish, Rezekne municipality

Guest house Benhaus

Guest house “Benhaus” offers accommodation services, active recreational, sauna and cublet services, room celebration

Eglaines, Sarkanes, Lendžu civil parish, Rezekne municipality

“Rūmes -1”

The homehouse is located in the southern district of Rezekne – Wiping, only a 5-minute trip from the city of cen.

Vipinga, Griškanu civil parish, Rezekne municipality

“Rūmes – 2”

A room with three beds is rented on the second floor of the master's house. Good practice, kitchen, Internet connection, teri

Dīķmalas, Liepu iela, Čači, Griškānu pagasts, Rēzeknes novads

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