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The municipality of Rezekne, in cooperation with the project “Europe Direct in East Latgale”, calls for a seminar on the creation, development and implementation of ideas “RAD -! - DANCE”. The aim of the seminar is to understand, in a theoretical and practical way, how to catch the real idea of crystallising by improving it to a achievable target. A seminar is organised for anyone who wants to create or develop a business idea, both for those who have an idea or company already and for those who are still trying to find the direction of the action.

Progress of the event: May 12, pl. 10.00-15.00, guest house “honey house empire” (Rēzekne municipality, Griškānu parish, Janapole, border guard street 1). The seminar will be guided and the right goals will help find Simon Victorm – the idea Kouch, a specialists with entrepreneurs and business ideas. The theoretical and practical part will consider:

  • methods for understanding their strengths and weaknesses
  • answers to questions - why i don't have ideas, motivations, and how to change it
  • verification of the viability of the idea, its objectives
  • crystallised first steps for the realization of their idea

We invite you to sign up for any lead, especially waiting for you if:

  • you have a specific idea that you want to develop and want to verify its viability
  • you have the idea of “mind storm” in your head and want to find that real and only idea
  • you already have a company, but want to find or verify ideas for its development
  • be a young man who needs a professional opinion and a push for the idea
  • be susceptible and want to start or develop entrepreneurship in Rezekne municipality.

In particular, we call on interested parties to participate in the business grant award of the municipality of Rezekne “aid for the creation and development of companies in Rezekne District” (more information on the project competition) HERE . The aim of the competition is to support and motivate the development of new enterprises and the development of existing enterprises in Rezekne municipality, creating an orderly environment, jobs, innovation, quality products and services in the local region. Entrepreneurs may receive up to 5 000 EUROS co-financing for the implementation of their projects. For updates on project competitions, announcement and deadlines for submission of applications, follow the Rezekne municipality website and social networks.

Login by April 25, fill in the application form (number of places limited): https://forms.gle/TPcukKGAu3mrH9878

More about the project: https://www.facebook.com/EDAustrumlatgale

Rēzekne municipality business development specialists:
Liana speaker:
liana.runca@rezeknesnovads.lv, Tel: 25740422
Evita Igaune: evita.igaune@rezeknesnovads.lv, Tel: 25748078

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