Ongoing project for the establishment of social services infrastructure in Rezekne municipality

As of February 2020, THE ERDF project of the municipality of Rezekne IS being “Establishment and development of a society-based social service infrastructure in Rezekne municipality”. 

The aim of the project is to establish a society-based social service provision infrastructure for adult persons with mental disorders and children with functional disorders in the territory of Rezekne municipality, based on the infrastructure development solutions specified in the Latgale Planning Region deinstitutionalisation plan (2017-2020).

As a result of the implementation of the project, two social service locations will be established in the municipality, performing the following activities:

  1. The creation of a group apartment house for persons with mental disorders in the municipality of Dricana parish - will be subject to the conversion of a one-storey administrative building into a group apartment house (8 places), construction of construction works and the fitting of premises with material technical provision;
  2. The establishment of a multifunctional social service centre “Vecružina” in Silmalas parish Vecružin will be carried out in the construction works of the building environment in the right wing of the Household Building in three floors, the construction of construction works and the fitting of premises with material provision for the establishment of a social rehabilitation service centre for children with functional disorders, “breathlessness” service in children with functional disorders (6 places) and a day care centre for children with functional disorders (10 places).

The total budget of the project is 597 936,00 EURO eligible costs, of which ERDF funding is 508 245.60 EURO, State budget grant - 26 907,12 EURO, municipal co-financing - 62 783.28 EURO.

Construction works have been completed in the Pillar and the building has been put into service. The local building firm SIA “Rēzekne Construction Service” was rebuilt by the local construction firm Sia “Rezekne Construction Service” in the territory of the municipality of Rezekne.  

Construction works in Vecružin, where the three-storey building was adapted for the provision of social services to children with functional disorders, have also concluded, the preparation of documentation for putting into service of the construction object is carried out.

Until June 2022, the project will purchase the necessary equipment and furniture so that both social service locations can be fully operational.


Project manager in the municipality of Rezekne:

Brigita Arbidane, 64607185,


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