Komultēnu bedstone

The bedstone of the Komultēnu (Komultēņu) is located in the parish of Sakstagals, a mixed tree in the woods around 700 m from Jēkabpils– Rēzekne road, north of the Komultēnu home. Its flat surface and sideways cracked. The stone consists of a luminous magmatizer. Bedstone circumference 15 m, length 5 m, width 3 m, height 1,8 m, volume around 20 m3.

Stone dimensions: length 5.10 m, width 3.80 m, height 1.70 m, circumference of 14.4 m, stack size – 6.1 x 5.0, volume around 13 cubic metres. The stone surface is covered with 100 %. Its surface area around 50%. On the stone surface, a 3.5 m-long groove was inserted diagonally across it. Stone form – iron-shaped. It is a cracked, dark grey-crystalline gneiss.

Address Sakstagala pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.56769; 27.03967
Phone +371 64640550
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