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During the pre-rounds, on 22 June, “Latgale river bays” in Sakstagala parish in Subinaité, the area at the motorway Rezekne – Riga is all invited to the “Lobs Lobam” ielīgošanas market, where it will be possible to select and purchase local benefits for the celebration of Liga festivals. Start of the market at 12.00.
A special offer in this market will be locally grown strawberries, which are a symbol of heart and fertility in bright red and juicy summer sunshine. The market visitors will be delighted not only by freshly read berries, but also strawberry cocktails, pancakes and caramels with strawberries, strawberry dessert and cakes, as well as other surprises inspired by these royal berries.
On the other hand, the movement of hands, knowledge and souls will be widely represented and attested by artisanal masters – the attractive Latgale ceramics, carefully shaped wooden sacks and weave, elegant leather products, “warm” handworks - knitted, crocheted, shoulder scarves, filmed sauna hats, sophisticated woven linen tablecloths and towels, rag carpets in cheerful colours, excellent natural soap with goat milk, honey and even amber dust …
This year in nature is surprising with the early arrival of all plants. Many herbal plants have already been harvested and the market will be purchased in tea. There will also be a variety of herbs, herbs in oil, brushes, jams. Jāņu crowns, Maya, bouquets, piracy, maple-leaf hats will also be available.
Of course, the cheese will also be made available at home, which must necessarily be in the Jeep. Its golden colour and the shape of a circle symbolize the sun and the world in its whole. Therefore, there is a belief that it is part of the solar power to eat the Japanese cheese. The sweetness for Liga's celebration will be given by the new honey, which has just been taken by our own Bitenieks as a great spring quality, as well as self-baked bread, pies and slabs. The pies also play their role in the Liga Festival table, as the grain from which the meal is derived is the symbol of life and force.
This is an inalienable place in modern-day fashion habits. Does it have any symbolic meaning? Not yet, but the grilling of meat on Liga's evening suggests a joy of joy - someone shakes the place of baking, a Saver's laugh, someone assumes the role of the baker, who always wants to share the experience of marining and baking, while another simply wants to be next, to drink a quasi or beer, and to enjoy the Liga evening charm... so, of course, there will be a lot of meat products in the bay shop.
It will also be the fans of fish. And who did not extend the delicacy of the Nagu parish-smoked carp or the species of fish produced in Pertars, but if it did not yet know the taste, then the League celebration, indeed, was a suitable time.
In order to stay in vivid memory in the Latgale River Lobam “Latgale River Bay”, surprising moments will also be observed. Visitors will have the chance to try hand-to-hand shooting, children will be able to enter the pony's back and also enjoy joy in inflatable attractions. To discover the spirit of the artist will help the creative workshop in the “Liga Sulpture Stone”, but it may happen that someone will get to know their deeper consciousness during the vibration trade at the henna tattoo. In turn, the first ritual fans will be able to enjoy the dry pearl, as well as the Turkish-foam massage in Latgale tastes. And if the weather conditions are favourable, the emotional gamma will be brightened by the big balloon, flying and landing at the market area.
In anticipation of Jānis, we call on our families, relatives and friends to celebrate the Festival of Liga with the benefits of “Lobs Lobam”, the feelings and the pleasure of the local taste!
Dealers can log in by contacting SIA “Latgale River Bay” by calling 28353731 or sending information to e-mail:
The event is organised BY SIA “Latgale River Bay”, supported by the municipality of Rezekne and the foundation “Rural Economic Development in Rēzekne District”.
Executive Director of the LEARN Foundation
Dina Butler
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