Active Communities in the “active Communities” project


Active Communities

In December 2019, together with the head of the project “active Community” Christine Liepiņš (Centre for Education Initiatives), visiting Sakstagala Jānis KCo. in Basic School, there was an opportunity to observe how the knowledge gained in project seminars was used with parents. At the beginning of the school year, a non-traditional family survey of the opportunities that parents can offer to promote the development of society was carried out at the educational institution. The objective of the project was the objective of the project: to develop co-operation skills of educational institutions and local society and to participate in the creation of active local communities and the promotion of social entrepreneurship.
Schools carry out education and education functions of children and young people, but the interest of families and cooperation with schools, particularly in the learning of pupils' life skills, are also very important.
The survey revealed how much parents were responsive and open to cooperation with school, as well as willing to share their experience and knowledge.
A number of educational and creative workshops were organised during the course of the school year, where the parents presented their posts in separate classes or hobbies. Students were offered an insight into beekeepers' work scenes, as well as learning how to store waxes in the beehive. Not every one of us has had the opportunity to watch and try such a job. Skills for wax candles and spatial paper handling were learned, in the preparation of common peppercakes. A meeting with a municipality poet Livia Lieppier expanded the sight of the pupils and allowed them to look into the poetry process.
The time of the emergency situation introduced their corrections in our common space, but also during this time, family work in common rural jobs, food preparation, acquisition of work skills, plant breeding and cleaning work strengthens family farming and mutual co-operation. This stressful time allowed a shared club cutting and preparatory work to be carried out in order to further learn the art of pinning and to focus on sporting activities and healthy lifestyles.
In such a combination of activities, the generations shall be agreed. From generation to generation, the work and the ability to see the usefulness and relevance of every work are being passed on.
As a result of the implementation of the project “active Community”, Sakstagala Jānis Kaidogu collectors have discovered a vast amount of resources that can be used in smart use, making the educational process more exciting and attractive to children.
There is a true satisfaction with the joy of family together and the joy of working, despite the difficulties that this time has brought to the lives of the whole community.
True co-operation reflected in the attached presentation here
Biruta Rephen,
local Community Coordinator

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