Lūznavas Manor took the foundation of business



“Business from A to Z. available support mechanisms in the European Union” - such an intriguing name was a seminar organised by the Europe Direct Information Centre in Eastern Latgale on 7 August. The venue of the seminar, Rēzekne Municipality Lūznavas Manor, was not selected by chance, as the workshop was first invited TO Lūznavas and the surrounding parish residents who would like to commence, or to develop their own business, including Lūznavas manor, a recently reconstructed, excellent tourist facility.
On the Lectores, Rēzekne Municipality Foundation “Rural Economy Development in Rēzekne District” (LEARN), the invitation of the older consultant Dainas Butleres to raise hands who have already tried, or would like to commence his business, at first, his hands rose timidly, but the responsiveness and interest in the lecturer in the audience were indeed non-falsified. Simple and comprehensible explanations have been given to many of the new business needs -- business idea, mission and vision, business plan development, business forms, their differences, advantages and disadvantages, business registration process, available European Union support instruments and mechanisms for launching and developing economic activities. “If you have an idea, then you need to assess the possibilities of realizing it,” -- Dina Butler said. Local people, before starting their business ideas, must first assess the market situation, consider how to offer their goods or services to consumers. “Businessmen don't have to love their idea, but they need to love customers and their problems,” -- the lecturer quoted a great deal of business. It is therefore important to listen to consumer preferences, recommendations and ideas.
For those who have already started to learn a business order, Aija Loces, THE “Accounting” of SIA “MC East vidzeme”, Lectores, the story of keeping accounts in a simple record system. The instructor shared some secrets, and even complex and peculiar things can be made easy.
There are seminars where the number of participants by the end is shrinking, Luznava was exactly the opposite - to the last lecture -- “Lūznavas maniac activities and their links with local craftsmen, domestic producers, event organisers and other entrepreneurs”, the number of listeners even improved, as many interested in the presentation of the Ivetas Balznes on THE activities of Lūznavas manor and their links with local craftsmen, domestic producers, event organisers and other entrepreneurs. It is important to preserve the unique cultural historical richness of the estate, where the central axis is linked to the organisation of cultural events, exhibitions, educational events, business conferences, plenary sessions, creative workshops, festive ceremonies, tourism. A cycle of art and music events could take place throughout the year with the end in summer, the manor festival. Iveta invited local residents to cooperate in the implementation of their business ideas, organising events, offering their goods and services, writing their own manor story to attract tourists.
All interested parties had the opportunity to see also the restored Lūznavas estate, which, thanks TO THE project implemented BY the EU and the municipality of Rezekne, has now recovered the value of its cultural heritage.
Among the participants in the seminar were a number of craftsmen who had lost their jobs by closing the Rēzekne Technicum Lūznavas. Ruth Polovinkin has been a teacher of interest education, now maintains a farm, grows vegetables, deals with works, and offers these products to tourists. Sylvia is a confectionist, dreaming about the possibility of sleeping guests with Latgale's culinary heritage. Ideas flew in space, confirming the invitation of Iveta Balzer: “We will bring together the space of art, creativity, intercultural dimension in Luznava!”
Anna Rancāne
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