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Direct purchase pools are collectively created and organised by purchasers-enthusiasts on a regular basis on a weekly basis at fresh organic local food by purchasing it directly from organic farmers. This option is now also for the residents of Rezekne and the surrounding area, as the first direct purchase group is created in collaboration with the “green” store. The scheme is quite simple: communicating with the group organisers by e-mail zalais.v@inbox.lv or tartins.arbidans@gmail.com, or by telephone 28732511 - Martin, or 28688041 - Iveta, can order fresh food produced by local farmers in a quantity that is necessary for themselves. You can order fruit, vegetables, milk and meat products, baked bread, honey, various healthy knives. In turn, every Tuesday, you can get your order at a certain time in the “green” store, in a garden street 44. The first order was already received on 2 December and was both fresh vegetables and dairy products. More than a direct purchase group and product offer can also be found by joining the pages created by the “green” store in social networks: www.draugiem.lv/zalaisveikals/ and www.facebook.com/zalaisveikals/as well as on the website of Rezekne. VeikalaThe practice of direct purchase has been active in many countries in the world for more than 10 years, as an alternative to the industrial food system, which contributes to increasing intensity, chemical pesticides, mineral fertilizers, antibiotics and GMOs based, agriculture, and in which buyers have lost their links with the true food producer – the farmer. There are various types of direct purchase. Customers with farmers agree on a specific type of direct purchase, which is the most advantageous for both parties. To promote such practices in Latgale, the European Union Information Centre on 12 December Europe Direct In East Latgale, an exchange of experience is organised – a seminar “Promoting the development and development of short supply chains, promoting the availability of organic food at local level”. The participants of the journey will visit the “depths” of the bakery in the parish of Karsava, where the bread is baked from organic flour, going to the agricultural service cooperative society “Viļāni” to familiarise themselves with the experience of successful cooperation and talk about the realization of the idea of introducing the production line of the organic milk production. It will also be possible to hear the employees of the food and veterinary service regarding the requirements of this service for manufacturing companies in domestic conditions, as well as Latvia Expo 2015 food project manager Brigita Puriņš – on trends in demand IN THE EU and Latvia after clean and natural, locally grown seasonal food.  Travel programme Anna Rancāne Autores photo eurologoTepat - arī Nautrēnu pagasts z/s

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